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19 Aug 2020

Family Crucial in Enlivening Literacy Climate at Home

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - It can be said that currently younger generation (millennial, red) is familiar with technology-related things. Even just looking for knowledge is carried out using gadget. In fact, during this pandemic, family closeness can be built, one of which is by reading together. Providing role models for children for literacy growth is a long-term investment.

No one can prohibit the use of gadget. However, it is best if it is not only used for gaming. Parents can limit. Use gadget for the benefit of knowledge, for example using applications provided by libraries for learning or enrichment activities.

"This is not about the battle between technology but instillation of culture. Children have more activities at home than at school. Give examples reading at every opportunity at home. Their future is at home," said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when he was the keynote speaker of Forming Literate Generation Starting from Family Webinar, on Wednesday (19/8).

There are three applications at National Library that can be used through gadgets. First, Indonesia OneSearch (IOS), which is an interoperability connecting the availability of collection resources from various types of libraries in Indonesia. Second, e-khastara which contains a collection of manuscripts as product of Indonesian civilisation and cultural triumphs in the past. And third, iPusnas, which contains a collection of digital books that can be downloaded and read in full text.

Parents can provide understanding to children that searching for information via the internet is like surfing on waves full of uncertainty. Meanwhile, looking for information through reading books invites people not only to be clever textually but also contextually.

"If children can understand well what they read, then they will be able to think critically at school. Their reasoning is formed. Their perspective is rational. The solutions taken are always correct. This is where parents contribute to accompany them in literacy activities," added Syarif Bando.

So, it is important to create some kinds of reading movement at home. Turning on the literacy climate in the family. Awarding reading books for children's achievement so that they are not easily patterned by excessive modernisation or presentation of misleading information that can have an impact on the formation of their thinking and skill qualities in the future.

"Reading is not only an individual or family obligation but is a long-term investment that can change world civilisation. And the world order will change according to the quality of human resources," said Syarif Bando.



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