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19 Aug 2020

Parents Should be the Role Model in Reading for Their Children

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-Every child has a different learning style. It cannot be generalised. They too are excellent imitators. Capable of capturing something fast. Also, in instilling reading habit at home. It takes example from parents so that they want to follow.

"Children must be given an understanding that reading will provide many benefits. However, if left without assistance they will be lazy," said Mother Literacy of Bogor Yane Ardian during Building a Literate Generation Starting from Family Webinar held by National Library, on Wednesday, (19/8).

On many road shows around the city of Bogor, Mother Literacy often finds a number of reasons why children are less fond of reading. The majority of their answers are due to a lack of exemplary (examples) from parents such as providing assistance.

"As a matter of fact, they (parents) have an important role. It's that simple," said Yane.

Yane emphasised that parents from an early age could brainwash their children in the sense of instilling the importance of reading as a provision for life. Equipping them with books is the same as giving them provisions to achieve their goals.

"This campaign will not be optimal if we don't know the benefits. So, it's not just a ceremony," said Yane.

Meanwhile, National Library librarian, Rifa Fadila, added that literacy activities can be performed by parents using the read aloud method, for example.

The read aloud method gives a message to children that reading is fun. Not boring. If this is carried out often, even children who are not able to read will remember so that they will develop the habit over time.

"The most important thing is to understand what is being read before starting the read aloud activity. Then, pay attention to the intonation so that what is conveyed becomes more attractive to children," said Rifa Fadila.



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