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18 Aug 2020

Inaugurating 11 High Officials-Director of National Library Wishes for Organisation Performance Acceleration

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando inaugurated 11 High Officials, Tuesday afternoon (18/8). The 11 appointed officials are expected to provide innovation, creativity, and acceleration so that wheels of the organisation run fast.

"The paradigm must be changed. Currently, anyone can know the development of the world in seconds through internet. The important thing is how we can move to face the changes and civilisation,” explained Director of National Library after the inauguration.

National Library should review the obstacles, when many ministries/institutions are able to move quickly. Therefore, it is important to notice the factors that become constraints. Whether on issues of commitment, human resources, infrastructure, tasks or budget. Do not dwell on the old problem, namely administration. "If it needs to be reviewed, please do so. However, don't stick to the old paradigm. The commitment that must be put forward is how to provide service excellence,” added Syarif Bando.

In the new Structure, Organisation, and Work Procedure (SOTK) Number 4 of 2020, it is stated that one of the duties of National Library is to formulate national policies, general policies, and technical policies. Everything is outlined in the form of NSPK (Norms, Standards, Guidelines, and Criteria). This is the guidelines for all librarians and libraries in their duties.

If the NSPK is successfully set and right on target, then it is certain that there will be no librarian or librarian frantically formulating reading fondness index, literacy index, collection standards, and so on. "I emphasise that all officials to immediately complete the NSPK by the end of this year," said Director of National Library of Indonesia.

At the end of the briefing, Director of National Library reminded again that National Library is an institution that builds all types of libraries in Indonesia. If likened to a doctor, how could it be possible to treat a patient if he does not know the patient's medical record (data). So, it is important to have valid data.

"The need for information and knowledge is something that cannot be negotiated," concluded Director of National Library of Indonesia ending his remarks.

The following is the names of the appointed officials:
1. Darmadi as Inspector
2. Opong Sumiati as Head of Librarian Development Centre
3. Ahmad Masykuri as Head of Human Resources and General Affairs Bureau
4. Joko Santoso as Head of Planning and Finance Bureau
5. Joko Budi Santoso as Head of Preservation and Library Material Media Transfer Centre
6. Nurcahyono as Head of School/Madrasa and Academic Library Development Centre
7. Teguh Purwanto as Head of Services and Information and Archipelago Manuscript Management Centre
8. Sri Marganingsih as Head of Legal Affairs, Organisation, Cooperation, and Public Relations Bureau
9. Emyati Tangke Lembang as Director of Deposit and Library Collection Development
10. Adin Bondar as Head of Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre
11. Suharyanto as Head of Bibliography and Library Material Processing Centre.



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