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10 Aug 2020

NSPK should be Given Value Target to be Comprehended

Salemba, Jakarta - Government Regulation (PP) Number 17 of 2017 on Synchronisation of National Development Planning and Budgeting Process contains two norms, namely planning preparation and budgeting carried out with a programme-based budgeting approach (money follow programme) through performance-based budgeting as well as synchronisation of national development planning and budgeting carried out to improve the integration of more quality and effective planning and budgeting in accordance with National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) and Government Work Plan (RKP) by using thematic, holistic, integrative, and spatial approach.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando hopes that there will be a development according to the prevailing library paradigm. In accordance with the growing trend. That is, how library rises to equal capabilities with Google and Amazon. Include the promotion of reading culture as national library strategy, service quality improvement, increase of library quantity and quality, literacy index.

"Norm, Standard, Guidelines, Criteria of National Library or NSPK is National Library’s obligation as evidence for all parties appointed as library managers in all types of libraries, considering that not everyone can understand the hierarchy and derivatives of various activities," added Director of National Library of Indonesia commenting on the NSPK of Legal Affairs and Planning Bureau (HP Bureau), Monday morning, (10/8).

However, Director of National Library appreciates planning documents or presentation prepared by Bureau HP, but it requires to be completed with value target ​​to achieve, for example the level of satisfaction so that all stakeholders can understand it.

After NSPK documents is completed, the next task is to share and disseminate as well as monitor how the NSPK is implemented so as to produce legal and valid accreditation.

"Library performance between national library and local libraries must run synergistically," said Syarif Bando, emphasising.







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