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11 Aug 2020

Mustikarasa Literacy, Exploring Bung Karno’s Cooking Recipe Heritage

Blitar, East Java - As long as Indonesia is still standing, history will tell you about Bung Karno, such is the sub-title of Jejak Sang Putra Fajar book, a collection of writings from creative writing literacy workshop published by Bung Karno Library. In line with that, speaking of Indonesian history, it cannot be separated from speaking of Proclamator Bung Karno. The first president of the Republic of Indonesia left many legacies, in the form of objects, monuments, magnificent statues, to paintings for Indonesians, including the legacy of his thoughts and ideas, of which the majority of us know and are well aware. However, it turns out that Bung Karno also left a legacy, namely archipelago cooking recipe book. The book is entitled Mustikarasa, published in 1967. Bung Karno's task after independence was to campaign for unity in sovereignty and diversity. One of them is Indonesian culinary. We are rich in food but never documented nationally. Although during the colonial era, Dutch East Indies Government had published Groot Nieuw Volledig Oost-Indisch Kookboek book by JMJ Catenius van der Meyden (1902). The book summarises 1,300 culinary delights in the Dutch East Indies for Dutch women. And in 1964, only then Bung Karno sent one of his wives, Hartini to summarise Mustikarasa book which was published in 1967.

In addition to Bung Karno Library collection, social inclusion-based activities being promoted in libraries in Indonesia, Bung Karno Library also released Mustikarasa literacy workshop held for 3 (three) days, Tuesday (11-13/8/2020) at the Amphyteatre yard. The event officially opened by Head of Bung Karno Library, Janti Suksmarini, was attended by 50 participants divided into 5 groups while still implementing health protocols. Janti Suksmarini said Mustikarasa literacy activity was held as an effort to provide literacy practices to the community. Mustikarasa literacy activity can help the community understand literacy concept more broadly. In addition, these activities can also increase the skills of participants in processing and cooking Indonesian culinary. "Of course, the goal is to practice public literacy, especially understanding recipes of Indonesian cuisine, drinks and food," she said.

Participants who attended were very enthusiastic, because in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, many people are unable to do much to move around, many businesses have collapsed drastically, all is full of limitations. In the midst of all these limitations, Bung Karno Library tries to treat the community with social inclusion-based activities, namely Mustikarasa literacy, to explore recipes from Bung Karno's heritage, in which the collection is stored and can be empowered by users. Mustikarasa Literacy, which received good response, presented professional Chef Muhammad Anshori from Golden Tulip Hotel, Batu. The person in charge of the activity, Agus Sutoyo, said Bung Karno's recipes heritage are all adapted from Mustikarasa book and practised with the guidance from Chef Anshori, and produced a menu of very delicious food from various regions recommended by Bung Karno. There are Rendang fatmawati, Gula Bebek green lado Padang, Makassar chicken gagape, and others. *** 




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