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11 Aug 2020

Lampung Mother Literacy Introduces Bacakan Aku Buku Programme in Pandemic Era

Salemba, Jakarta - National Literacy Activity Index in 2019 placed Lampung at the bottom five in literacy, namely 30.59. This upsets Lampung local government. A myriad of literacy programmes is arranged as ammunition to boost literacy rating, one of which is through Bacakan Aku Buku (Read Me a Book) programme. This programme that involves active role of the family and specially arranged for the era of pandemic was initiated by of Lampung Mother Literacy, Riana Sari Arinal.

Mother Literacy gives an example of literacy activity that can be carried out with children at home. "Invite children to create cuisines. Teach them to measure the volume of the ingredients to be cooked while informing them about healthy food,” she added during Fostering Reading Fondness Socialisation Webinar, Tuesday (11/8).

Mother literacy advises that during pandemic, parents can utilise a lot of free time to create moments of togetherness with their children. Do not let children watch audio visuals too often, although in general, children prefer visuals than text. Reading books is a simple activity.

There is a method that anyone can practice, especially parents, to encourage their children to love books, namely read aloud method. Read aloud is a simple way to read books to children consistently, continuously, so that children will get used to listening and are interested in loving books since early age. "Read aloud is not a method of completing a book quickly but a method of enjoying the question and answer process when the read aloud process is carried out," added Mother Literacy.




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