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11 Aug 2020

Digital Space Becomes Access to Fulfil Information Needs during Pandemic

Salemba, Jakarta — Article 48 of law number 43 on library mandates that fostering reading fondness can be carried out from family, education, and community units. Even during pandemic, fostering activities must not subside. On the one hand, pandemic changes viewpoint in the way of conveying knowledge and disseminating information to communities. On the other hand, the use of digital space is a natural issue in obtaining everything, including fulfilling information needs. Libraries are institutions that are well prepared to deal with changes in this time of pandemic.

"Fostering reading fondness which is carried out through families, education units and communities aims to meet the needs of communities’ " Book Hunger ",” said Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library of Indonesia, Deni Kurniadi, starting Socialisation of Fostering Reading Fondness Webinar, Tuesday (11/8).

Utilisation of digital space during pandemic, such as webinar, is something people need to continue to increase knowledge. National Library is grateful that various types of libraries have adorned digital space with various improvements in reading fondness.

Approaching the 75th Anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, human resources is the main focus of Indonesia's development. Contribution of National Library of Indonesia can be seen when it is able to play the role in realising intelligent humans. Therefore, a programme is required to provide insight, knowledge, and community skills provision through library.

Equitable distribution of social inclusion-based library services has now become part of National Priority number one. This programme includes strategies for developing public and community libraries, improving life skills based on information literacy, improving library service quality standards through accreditation, and transforming social inclusion-based library services.

"National Library continues to encourage all libraries to become pioneers of literacy movement in communities to improve community welfare," added Deni.

Over time and civilisation there is no longer library paradigm that is just waiting for visit, or managing all gathered collections. Libraries have been transformed in empowering human resources through information technology approach. "Communities must be convinced that there will be an improvement in welfare, escape from difficulties by maximising all their potential and abilities," concluded Deni.





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