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08 Aug 2020

Serve with Heart, Key to Loved Library

Blitar, East Java - Information and communication technology (ICT) development greatly affects every aspect of human life. One of inherent aspects of the development of ICT is the need for information. Thus, the service of providing information is also an important element. When community has met its information needs, at that time satisfaction is achieved.

"So, when facing library users, never serve them not wholeheartedly in their information service," said Master Trainer Makhmud Kuncahyo at Serving Wholeheartedly Webinar held by Proclamator Bung Karno Library Blitar, on Saturday (8/8).

Nowadays, almost all life activities are difficult. Humans are forced to adapt to strict regulations (read: health protocol). Of course, this has an impact on library services. Libraries cannot maximally provide conventional services. Must turn to information technology-based services.

A wholehearted attitude is unlimited energy. From this attitude comes happiness and satisfaction. Do not think of an incoming library user as a burden. Especially in the midst of a pandemic when people yearn to seek information.

"Library user is king. Still have to be served with love so as not to be disappointed. The attitude of serving wholeheartedly will give a friendly and impressive impression," added Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of National Library Ofy Sofiana.

Do not feel like a second-class apparatus when working at library. In fact, with the help of libraries, Indonesian children are educated. They are able to achieve their dreams which in the end will be able to bring happiness to their parents. This is in accordance with one of library's visions, namely to educate the nation.

During pandemic, era of disruption, the attitude of being able to solve problems by yourself (single fighter) is no longer relevant. In fact, it is best to empower as many people as possible in the team so that creative ideas, new innovations, and fresh ideas emerge.

Do not hesitate to empower someone greater. Do not forget to empower equal people to grow together. And also empower those at the bottom to upgrade class.

It is like a train that has only one locomotive at the front to pull all cars. The organisation will not be effective if it relies on a leader when faced with a crisis. You might get confused. This is what often happens in Indonesia.

However, if the mindset is like a bullet train such as Shinkansen, in which each carriage has a locomotive, there will be acceleration. Leadership practice is the art of empowering human resource potential for organisational advancement.

"A great leader is one who is able to bring success to other people. And a librarian is not a Robocop. Not able to work alone. Still needs other people to achieve organisation’s vision," concluded Makhmud.



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