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07 Aug 2020

Inaugurating Prime Secretary and Deputy, Director of National Library Wishes for Libraries Accredited and Librarians Certified

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando inaugurated Woro Titi Haryanti as Prime Secretary and Deni Kurniadi Deputy of Library Resources Development on Friday, (7/8). The inauguration of the two was based on Presidential Decree (Keppres) No. 128 dated July 30, 2020. Before taking up her new position, Woro Titi served as Deputy of Library Resource Development, and Deni Kurniadi served as Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Studies Centre.

In his direction, Director of National Library asked the appointed officials to pay attention together to the mandate because the tasks, challenges, and consequences would be heavier. "Make sure work programme continues. Regulations must be comprehended. The technical regulations that are macro or micro are immediately distributed to all stakeholders in the regions," he said.

It should also be understood that in fact all stakeholders here are President's assistants in the field of library development in Indonesia, apart from literacy and fostering reading fondness. So that it becomes a shared responsibility of how all libraries in Indonesia can be accredited and librarians certified, added Syarif Bando.

Every action has consequences. We cannot only think situational, but must be systematic. Move all team members. Maximise all potential human resources that we own. Every leader is an agent of change. "So, it is not enough to change behaviour but also the mindset," explained Director of National Library.

In particular, Director of National Library asked Prime Secretary to maintain the title of Proper without Exception (WTP) that has been achieved by National Library four times in a row during 2016-2019. The assessment from Ombudsman must also be improved.

Meanwhile, to Deputy of Library Resource Development, Director of National Library asked the coordinators to prepare a new organisational structure and work procedure (SOTK) in his deputy unit.




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