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04 Aug 2020

South Sulawesi Prepares Three Big Agendas of Literacy Development

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - South Sulawesi is designing three big agendas related to the development of reading and literacy culture. The three agendas, namely construction of an international standard library building, promotion of village literacy, and lontar script festival. These efforts are expected to become a locomotive for literacy development in Indonesia, especially in South Sulawesi.

This was conveyed by DPRD Deputy Chairman of Commission E of South Sulawesi Ince Langke in front of Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando during a work visit related to library development on Tuesday (4/8). The building construction, Langke continued, has received support from the governor and a land area of ​​two hectares has been provided.

"South Sulawesi has no less than 3,500 villages. And I agree that literacy development should start from the village. However, intervention from central and local governments is needed so that village library development suits the target," said Langke.

Director of National Library again emphasised that it is not due to low reading interest but a lack of reading material availability. The intention of South Sulawesi government in promoting literacy from village is believed will help the growth of literacy climate. Improving literacy level will also have an impact on improving the welfare of community. This will directly increase the competitiveness of Indonesia's human resources currently lagging behind, even from several countries in the ASEAN region.




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