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30 Jul 2020

Work Plan of National Library’s Agent of Change: Mindset Change Must Be Accompanied by System Change

Salemba, Central Jakarta — Every job requires careful planning. Failing to plan is tantamount to planning for failure. The Agent of Change (AP) which was formed in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Permenpan RB) is expected to be a trigger for all work units in the National Library (Perpusnas). Therefore, the first thing to do is to equalize perceptions so that the mandate is carried out according to the goal.

Meanwhile, the goals of the work plan are to provide motivation (change negative attitudes to positive ones), instill the sense of love or sense of belonging to the institution, instill PASTI as organizational values, improve the quality of human resources, and realize the social inclusion.

The Head of the Central AP Team, Rudi Hernanda, said that changes must be carried out jointly so that the big effect can be seen. The five roles of AP according to Permenpan RB Number 27/2014, among others, are as a catalyst, driver of change, provider of solutions, mediator, and liaison. "However, a change in mindset must also be accompanied by a good system change to support each other," added Rudi.

So far, the inclusion of PASTI (Professional, Accountability, Synergy, Transparent, and Integrity) values in the National Library has not affected every employee so massive and concrete efforts are needed. Change without invitation becomes like a slogan. It does not have any impact on the progress of the organization.

"Eliminate sectorial egos so that a sense of togetherness emerges. Do not work with each other's way. Use the family method and continue to spread positive things," explained one of the National Library’s Central AP, Rifa Fadhilah.

Meanwhile, the presentation of the National Library Bureaucratic Reform (RB) Road Map 2020-2024 by the Head of the RB, Ahmad Masykuri, explained that there are eight points of change areas that are part of the National Library Road Map 2020-2024. The eight areas of change include management of change, deregulation of policy, organization, governance, HR management, supervision, accountability, Quick Win public services (virtual reference services, acceleration of e-learning education and inpassing training, acceleration of online library competency tests, enhancement of KCKR acceptance, enhancement of online accreditation implementation.

Meanwhile, Inspector, Darmadi, reminded that AP according to the provisions and assessments of the KemenpanRB, it must support management's main duties, create changes in line with work units and agencies, encourage a positive work culture, and have anti-corruption perceptions. "Role model and agent of change are different. Role model is attached from the second echelon to the lowest. And agent of change, support all officials to become role models," Darmadi added.


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