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30 Jul 2020

Re-Organization and Management Must Refer to the Library Law

Salemba, Jakarta — Public organization is not a static system. An organization is seen as a living organism whose survival depends on the environment. So, public organization must adapt to make internal changes in order to adapt to various dynamic environmental changes.

The restructuring of the organization and work procedures of the National Library (Perpusnas) has received approval from the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) Number B/258/M.KT.01/2020 on February 24, 2020. This proposal follows up on the Circular Letter of MenPAN RB Number 384 of 2019 concerning Strategic and Concrete Steps to Simplify the Bureaucracy. The design of the proposed organizational structure development uses the basis of consideration from juridical, empirical, and academic aspects.

"The nomenclature of new positions must pay attention to the Library Law as a guide," explained the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando at the Follow-Up of Organizational Structuring and Bureaucratic Simplification, Thursday (7/30).

At the National Library, the recapitulation of high leadership positions, coordinators, and sub-coordinators contains the nomenclature of positions that are permanent, changing, increasing, and missing. For the first echelon level, the number has not changed, there are still four positions. However, at the second echelon level, there was an increase from the original 11 nomenclatures to 16 nomenclatures.

For administrative positions (echelon three) it is drastically reduced. If, originally there were 25 nomenclatures, now it becomes two. Meanwhile, at the supervisory level (echelon four), the position is reduced from 31 to 10. Most recently, for the for the occupational class of the substance group (coordinator) there will be 35 positions, and in the substance sub-group class there will be 71 positions.

The proposed reorganization and work procedures of the National Library include the Main Secretariat work unit which is planned to have three second echelon units under it, namely the Planning and Finance Bureau, the Legal, Organization, Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau, and the Human Resources and General Affairs Bureau.

In the scope of deputy one, Library Material Development and Information Services found four second echelon levels under it, namely Director of Deposit and Library Collection Development, Center for Bibliography and Library Material Processing, Center for Library Material Preservation and Media Transfer, and Center for Services and Archipelago Manuscripts Processing.

Meanwhile in the second deputy scope, Library Resource Development contains four nomenclatures of second echelon positions, including Director of Standardization and Accreditation, Center for School, Madrasah and Higher Education Library Development, Center for Public and Special Library Development, and Center for Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development.

For the work unit of the Center for Education and Training, the Center for Librarian Development, and the Center for Data and Analysis are under the direct control of the Director of the National Library as well as the Inspectorate.


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