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28 Jul 2020

Reading Forms a Logical Thinking Framework

Salemba, Jakarta — Global competition is competition for literacy. In Indonesia, the number of books in circulation is only 30 million compared to 260 million people. It has not reached the ideal composition. Far from what UNESCO requires, namely 5 new books per resident every year. This deficiency is mostly due to geographical factors, not a matter of reading culture. The activeness of literacy activists and communities, which is also supported by the seriousness of many parties brings optimism that literacy problems can be resolved through synergy.

“How is it possible to build a literacy culture if there is no reading culture in it? Even though literacy is not just about reading and writing skill,” said the Director of the National Library when giving online directions at the Mataraman Literacy Festival 2020 in Jakarta, Tuesday (7/28).

World civilization will continue to change as long as literacy develops. The quality of literacy is directly proportional to intelligence and the level of human welfare. Literacy is not only good at theorizing, but an identity that can be shown in global competition through the success of creating goods/services that are useful for many people. Indonesia must be the host in its own country. That is able to produce goods/services that are useful in society. This is a challenge.

Educational activities should not always be trapped in the paradigm of learning and then testing. It must have the courage to start with a new paradigm. Invite people to become critical (critical thinking). Moreover, the essence of the third level of literacy is generating new ideas/creativity/innovation.

"Everything begins with a reading culture. The more often you read a logical frame of mind will be formed. If you want to know the world, then read on. And, if you want to be known by the world, write it down," said Syarif Bando.

The Mataraman Literacy Festival 2020 in the Pandemic Period is an exhibition of 700 books created by teachers, school principals, school supervisors in the Bakorwil 1 Madiun area which is commonly referred to as Pawitandirogo Tunggal Diri, namely Pacitan Regency, Ngawi Regency, Magetan Regency, Madiun Regency/Municipality, Ponorogo Regency, Tulungagung Regency, Trenggalek Regency, Kediri Regency/Municipality, and Nganjuk Regency.


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