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28 Jul 2020

Consolidation and Evaluation of Librarian's Credit Score Assessment, the Assessment Team Must Think Revolutionary

Salemba, Jakarta — Librarians should no longer use paper for documents or files for applying credit score (AK). It must be paperless. The librarian AK assessment team must think revolutionary. The provincial assessment team must also be formed evenly so that it is easier for librarians to take care of filings or applications for promotion. Currently, only 20 out of 34 provinces have assessment teams at the provincial level. On the other hand, the assessment team is expected to always improve professionalism by looking at reality.

"The paradigm of libraries and librarians has changed. In the past, libraries were institutions that managed collections then they changed roles as those who managed knowledge. Now, libraries are known as not only storing and managing collections but must provide the widest possible benefit of knowledge to the public (knowledge transfer)," explained the Director of National Library in front of the librarian credit score assessment team and the Senior Librarians of National Library, Tuesday (7/28).

Furthermore, the Director of National Library asked the assessment team to make it easier for librarians who have difficulty collecting credit scores. By giving assignments that can increase the credit score. "Give motivation and encouragement to be able to collect credit score according to the time limit required," concluded the Director of National Library.


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