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27 Jul 2020

Opens National Library PRESS Week, Director of National Library: Indonesia Will Become the Center of World Civilization

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta — The world has known 70 inventors who influenced human civilization. It is not impossible; 70 new civilization figures are created from librarians through written works facilitated by National Library PRESS.

This was conveyed by the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, when commemorating the one-year anniversary of the National Library PRESS as well as the handover of prizes to the winners of the Literacy Incubator Competition and “Inovasi Pustakawan Menuju Indonesia Maju” Book Launching, in the Theater Room of National Library service facilities building, Monday (7/27).

The intellectual quality of humans is determined from the reading list they have or read. And ideas are the structure of how genius human think, so it is important for every idea that are revealed to be recorded.

Indeed, Indonesia does not have a low reading culture. What happened was a lack of access to knowledge and information. It is admitted that the number of books circulating in the country is only 30 million per year compared to 260 million people. This number is still far from ideal and which is required by UNESCO, namely a minimum of 5 new book titles per person each year. In fact, the population of Europe and the United States has reached 25-30 new books per resident each year.

Therefore, it is important to invite higher education in collaboration to help publishing new books. "Indonesia is hungry for books. And universities have a moral responsibility in this regard," added Syarif Bando.

In the next 25 years, Indonesia will enter the age of a century. The Director of National Library wants National Library PRESS to publish works that explore the wealth of human resources, natural resources, and Indonesian culture from all over the archipelago.

"One day, Indonesia will become the center of world civilization. All the eyes of the world will be on Indonesia. However, everything must be recorded in order to be known," said the Director of National Library.

In the future, National Library PRESS activities which were formed on 23 July 2019 based on the Decree of the Director of National Library will be included in priority program and based on the information needs of the community. These efforts are believed to help reduce the gap between regions. This is a contribution arena. "How to express ideas, useful ideas," concluded the Head of National Library.

The Anthology of Librarian Scribbles (Coretan Pustakawan) started from the National Library PRESS Creative Writing Workshop which was attended by 75 librarian participants at the National Library. After going through a series of mentoring processes, in the end, only 16 librarians managed to complete their works to be recorded. Meanwhile, in the National References Literacy Incubator program, no less than 305 manuscripts were received. Of these, 15 selected authors were selected to become a book with the title Inovasi Pustakawan Menuju Indonesia Maju. The three best authors of the book in order, namely Muhammad Ivan (West Java), Ahmad Syawqi (South Kalimantan), and Sofian Munawar (West Java), won awards in the form of cash and certificates.

The launching and announcement of the winners of the literacy incubator competition are part of the National Library PRESS Week celebration which is held from 27-30 July 2020. With the theme “Write, Publish, and Distribute” the National Library PRESS anniversary series presents a number of speakers from the librarian, publishing, and productive State Civil Apparatus (ASN) circles.

The theme "Write" on July 28 featured librarian speakers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Juznia Andriani, and National Library, Destiya Prabowo. The theme "Publish" presents publishing speakers from Rayyana Publishing CEO, Salim Shahab, Aksaramaya CEO, Sulasmo, and Head of Law and Planning Bureau of National Library of Indonesi, Joko Santoso. Meanwhile, the theme "Distribute" invited speakers from Bitread Publishing CEO, Anita Hairunnisa, and Productive ASN in writing books Dyah Lestyarini and Randy Ariyanto Wibowo.  


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