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24 Jul 2020

Webinar with DBI: People Believe More in Text than Context

Salemba, Jakarta - The world famous psychologist Sigmun Freud once said that reading can overcome depression or mental disorders. Veterans of World War 2 are also advised to read novels to heal psychological wounds caused by war. This therapy is reinforced by many studies that say reading activity that is carried out every day does not make people senile quickly

"Reading is a necessity. It provides inner and outer strength. If it has been done regularly, it will feel like something is lost if you don't do it," said Indonesian Reading Ambassador (DBI), Najwa Shihab, during 'The Joy of Reading Books' Webinar held by the National Library (Perpusnas) in collaboration with the South Kalimantan Provincial Library and Archives Service Office, on Friday, (7/24).

Nana, Najwa's nickname, admits that she is lucky to have grown up in an environment that loves reading. Her parents even immediately set an example. She admitted that she remembered before going to bed, her mother routinely read stories every night. Likewise, her father always subscribed to magazines and was diligent in taking her to the bookstore every Thursday. It is not surprising that in the past Nana already had a private mini library because of the abundant collection of books she had. Then, she provides book-borrowing where the money is used to buy more books.

“Family is the main pillar to give birth to children who have loved books from their childhood. For children, imitating is a habit that is often seen and practiced. From there, love will emerge,” she explained.

In fact, Najwa admitted that she could read several books in a day if she was in a good mood. According to her, each book has its own momentum.

In the current era, literacy in reading and writing in society has not been steady. Unfortunately, exposure to social media (digital) makes it even more complicated. People prefer to read through social media. Even to start daily activities after you wake up, the first thing you do is open a conversation status on social media.

It should be understood that the characteristics of reading on physical media, such as books, magazines, newspapers, and so on are different from digital. Characters who are accustomed to read on physical media tend to be critical and analytical. There is a sense of happiness, even being a therapeutic drug, that's why there is a term known as bibliotherapy. Reading a book for six minutes can reduce stress level and restore muscles, she adds

It's different from digital readers who tend to believe what has been presented (reactive readers). Although on the one hand the visual elements are more attractive and spoil the eye.

"Typically, some people prefer to seek information that is similar, namely justification for information that has been previously received. Not the other way around, namely seeking information for the truth. Just reading the text, not the context,” explained Najwa.


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