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24 Jul 2020

Webinar with DBI: Reading is not Just a Hobby, but a Necessity

Salemba, Jakarta - Pandemic changes the perspective of how to convey knowledge and disseminate information. Nowadays, digital space is a natural way to get everything. Libraries are also participate in decorating the digital space with various themes to increase reading interest, including fulfilling people's information needs.

"During a pandemic, webinars are what people need to continue to increase their knowledge. And libraries are very much ready to face changes during this pandemic," said Deputy of Library Resources Development of the National Library of Indonesia, Woro Titi Haryanti, during the 'The Joy of Reading Books' Webinar with Indonesian Reading Ambassador (DBI), Friday, (7/24).

Digital space such as webinar is a mean of obtaining knowledge even though they have to follow health protocols; people can still access National Library of Indonesia digital services, such as iPusnas, Khastara, and Indonesia OneSearch (IOS), added Deputy Woro.

Reading physical books and digital books does not only add insight. Regular activity of reading books can maintain brain functions. The benefits are said to last a lifetime. A number of studies have shown that reading books can stimulate mental activity and can even prevent Alzheimer and Dementia. Apart from being a relaxation, there is an inner peace and serenity that can be obtained from reading.

Many people ignore the benefits of frequent reading. Reading, besides being able to lower blood pressure, also helps people who suffer from mood disorders and mild mental illness. Not the opposite, where many think that reading books actually keeps the brain working and causes stress. In fact, the essence of the benefits of reading books is to reduce stress.

In addition, National Library acknowledged that the activities of DBI, Najwa Shihab, which is now entering its fifth year, have received public attention, especially regarding the role of libraries in people's lives. Especially during this pandemic, DBI continues to pay attention on all efforts to improve people's literacy skills.

"Reading should not be just a hobby, but a necessity. A pile of books is like an invitation to explore the mysteries of life and the universe which can only be reached with a thousand lifetimes,” concluded the Deputy.

The webinar of National Library of Indonesia with DBI is a part of the roadshow which should be held face-to-face. Meanwhile, for the South Kalimantan Provincial Library and Archives Service Office with DBI was the second after previously in 2019 in Banjarmasin.

As information, since 2017-2019, National Library has donated as many as six mobile library cars and the collections for the knowledge needs of the public and visitors in Balangan Regency, Tanah Bumbu Regency, Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, Hulu Sungai Utara Regency, and Banjar Regency, and the provincial library and archives service office.

In addition, in 2019 and 2020, the National Library of Indonesia provided physical and non-physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK) assistance in the field of library worth tens of billions for development, including the construction of a library building in Tanah Bumbu Regency in 2019, and Tapin Regency in 2020 each worth IDR 10 billion, as well as the provision of facilities for disabled visitors in the province and other assistance.


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