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22 Jul 2020

Optimizing Libraries for Educational Activities

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta — The quality of human resources (HR) is Indonesia's main strength when it entered the age of one century. Literacy is one of the keys for being able to create capable human resources. Unfortunately, the literacy infrastructure (read: library) is still not good. In fact, the library is the pulse for the world of education.

"Abroad, libraries are deliberately made as beautiful and as good as possible. It has even become a sale for the university," said the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, YARSI University, Ummi Azizah, during the Webinar on Optimization Library Utilization for Online Learning in Schools, Wednesday (7/22).

YARSI University Rector, Fasli Jalal added, besides being beautiful and comfortable the library must also be friendly and easy to use (user friendly).

In terms of quantity, Indonesia indeed ranks second as the country with the largest number of libraries in the world, after India. No less than 160 thousand libraries of various types are established in Indonesia. The Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, admitted that the amount is far from ideal. "If it is assumed that each school has one librarian," explained the Director of National Library on the occasion of the webinar.

It is worth to remember that libraries are under the authority of regional governments according to law. This means that the regional government must pay attention, the same as other sectors. In fact, from the village funds disbursed by central government, it is mandatory to establish a library/reading garden as a requirement that must exist in every village/kelurahan.

Enhancement the quality of human resources is currently a priority for national development, one of which is obtained through libraries. A library with all its literacy activities has transformed itself, no longer just a servant of information. This means that the public can take advantage of all types of access to information services available in the library. "Because one of the literacy standards is ease of access," added Syarif Bando.

One more thing emphasized by the Director of National Library of Indonesia that knowledge transfer can only be done by reading. And reading activity is the most logical form of thinking structure (makes sense).


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