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21 Jul 2020

Webinar of Library Data Collection 2020: National Library of Indonesia Targets Certification of Library Accreditation to Come Out in 2021

Medan Merdeka Selatan Jakarta - Data from all types of libraries in Indonesia have not met the expected standards. In fact, this data is important as a parameter to determine budget policies and library programs. Completeness of library data will lead to the accreditation certification given by regional government according to recommendations from the National Library.

"Library data is important because this time and so on the government's performance will be based on data," said the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando at the direction of the Library Data Collection 2020 Webinar, Tuesday (7/21).

Furthermore, the Director of National Library said that library data is important because first it will be a measuring instrument (parameter) of library workload in Indonesia, including knowing the organizational structure and the number of human resources (library personnel).

Second, data is important because from there it will be seen how much money (budget) is managed and absorbed by each type of library. Third, to find out the scattered collections for data collection of the National Master Catalog (KIN), so that we can find out what collections are needed, what are missing and what are not yet available. And fourth, to find out the infrastructure available and needed from each library.

"The results of the data collected will produce an accredited library. The National Library targets that in 2021 the library accreditation certificate will be handed over through the regional government. As well as to see the seriousness and attention of the regional government towards library development," added Syarif Bando.

In the future, the National Library will facilitate all library managers in regions to have account and password to input all the data needed, including problems and library activities there.

The Director of National Library said that if the data and evidence have been summarized, this would be handed over to the President, Bappenas, the ministry of finance, and partner of Commission X DPR-RI. "So far, they may not know the positive data and achievements that have been produced by libraries," he added.

Indonesia is recorded to have no less than 164 thousand types of libraries. That’s a lot of numbers if you look at the achievements as the second country with the most libraries in the world. But, it feels small if you see the essence.

So, it is important to understand that library data is not just a report but as an asset to the nation. "The library is a symbol of civilization. An institution that always enlightens the public," explained Syarif Bando.

The National Library of Indonesia promises that access rights will not be restricted. For regions that have internet access, all access to the national library can be served.

The Indonesian Library Data Collection 2020 Webinar was attended by 100 provincial/regency/municipal library managers throughout Sumatra. Webinar participants were also given tutorials for inputting verification of registration and validation of new library ID number (NPP), checking for NPP duplication, and editing library data.


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