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20 Jul 2020

Handover of LHP LKPP 2019, National Library of Indonesia Achieves WTP for 4 times Sequentially

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo officially received the Audit Results Report (LHP) of Central Government Financial Report (LKPP) 2019 at the State Palace. Head of the Financial Audit Agency (BPK) Agung Firman Sampurna reported that the number of auditing entities receiving this opinion also increased from 82 in 2018 to 85 in 2019. The National Library (Perpusnas) at LHP LKPP 2019 managed to get the title of WTP. This is the fourth time that Perpusnas has won the WTP award in sequence from 2016-2019.

President Joko Widodo in his remarks requested that the results of the auditing be used as a parameter of improvement for ministries and institutions in managing their respective budgets.

The President also hopes that every rupiah spent must be used with full responsibility and transparently. In addition, governance must also be good and right on target.

"I asked to simplify the procedure, make it concise. The budget must be distributed quickly because it is needed by the people, but still prioritizes the principle of accountability," said President Jokowi in front of Ministers of the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet at the State Palace, Jakarta, Monday afternoon (7/20).

To Ministries/Institutions that have succeeded in obtaining the title of WTP, the President asked all ministers and heads of institutions to make the results of the BPK auditing as parameters for improvement, reform, and changes in the management of the state budget.

Meanwhile, for those who have not achieved the WTP title, the Head of State instructed to immediately make improvements and steps for significant changes.

"I will continuously monitor what are the corrective steps that have been taken by the ministers and institutions. Corrective steps must really be concrete and tangible so that public money managed by the government can be accounted for and the money spent on the people can also be benefited by the people," he said.

In relation to the current situation where a budget of IDR 695.2 trillion has been allocated by the government to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in the country, the President emphasized that a very large budget must be able to produce programs and policies that are executed quickly, accurately, and stay accountable.

For this reason, President Joko Widodo hopes for support and assistance from the BPK to assist the government in ensuring the use of the pandemic handling budget can run with full responsibility.

LHP LKPP 2019 includes seven components of the implementation report, namely the budget realization report, excess budget change report, balance sheet, operational report, equity report, cash flow report, and expense notes or reports.

On the occasion of handing over the LKPP LHP 2019, the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando along with all prime and middle officials watched it virtually.


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