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15 Jul 2020

Field Verification Team of the Ministry of PAN RB Evaluates the Acceleration of RB Implementation at the National Library

Salemba, Jakarta - The PANRB Ministry Field Verification Team conducted an evaluation of the Action Plan for the Acceleration of Bureaucratic Reform  2020 at the National Library, Wednesday (7/15). The Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, received the Field Verification Team.

Head of the KemenPAN RB Field Verification Team, Desmarita, said the purpose of this evaluation was to obtain information about the progress and development of the implementation of RB policies and the government agency performance accountability system. From this evaluation, it is hoped that information can be obtained about things that are already good and what are not for the need of continuous improvement based on the evidence that has been provided.

"Previously it was sent to us namely an action plan, so here we will see. We have conducted evaluation last year and provided recommendations. So, will our recommendations answered in this action plan? That's what we need to see to achieve a minimum of 75.01 as expected," she said.

Furthermore, Desmarita explained, based on last year's data for the Government Agency Performance Accountability System (SAKIP), it scored 67.62, which is in category B. Meanwhile, the Bureaucratic Reform (RB) is quite high, namely 73.05, so it only needs to catch 2 points from the target of 75.01.

"If we see here there is no drop in numbers each year, for SAKIP an average of 3 points increased from the previous 64.80, currently 67.62. Meanwhile, the trend of RB score rose quite significantly, namely 73.05. It is expected that in this acceleration it will get 75.01. And it is hoped that in 2022 all institutions/ministries will have already reached 95 percent," she explained.

Meanwhile, the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando said, bureaucratic reform was carried out to ensure the community service as a public servant could be realized and as a state administration service as a citizen, it was the responsibility of all APBE expenditure activities and processes that had to be registered. Reform was sent down to oversee all activities that were ensured to prove good service to the community.

“The National Library's commitment to provide the best for society is not in doubt. As I always say, it is time for libraries to be given a place. Because we can study anywhere, anytime but what we can't try to change is the transfer of knowledge from theory and practice, there is only one solution, namely reading. So that people who experience school do not necessarily read, but people who read must experience school," he explained.

Syarif said, with the arrival of the KemenPANRB Field Verification Team, it is hoped that it can improve institution to take part so that the National Library is ensured providing quality contribution to public services.


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