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13 Jul 2020

Tanggamus Regional Secretary Request National Library Support Regarding Innovation Library

Salemba, Jakarta - Director of the National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, received a visit from the Regional Secretary of Tanggamus Regency, Hamid Heriansyah Lubis. The Director of National Library accompanied by the Head of the Center for Library Development and Reading Interest, Deni Kurniadi, and the Head of the Center for the Preservation of Library Materials, Ahmad Masykuri, received the Regional Secretary, Hamid, in the National Library Leader Meeting Room, jl. Salemba Raya No. 28A, Central Jakarta, on Monday (7/13/2020).

This visit was related to the innovation library management plan that will be built in Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. This initial meeting was an effort done by Tanggamus Regency in term to build communication with stakeholders, in this case the National Library. National Library is asked to provide support for the existence of an innovation library.

Syarif Bando expressed his appreciation for the ideas about driving change through library innovation management in strengthening the ecosystem for innovation libraries. He emphasized the importance of libraries and documenting local cultural content in the form of books.

"I am sure there are no teachers about Tanggamus. So the Tanggamus government must write the origins of Tanggamus, the history of Tanggamus, the natural potential of Tanggamus, then the arts, culinary, its people, what makes Tanggamus the pride of the international world, it must be written by the Tanggamus government," he explained.

Currently, the library is innovating to become a center for knowledge transfer. Through a social inclusion-based library service transformation program, said Syarif Bando, libraries are not only doing collection management. "I always encourage my friends that we are not the guardians of civilization but we are the creators of civilization as well as the preserver of civilization," he said.

Meanwhile, Regional Secretary, Hamid, stated that his regency was in the stage of reforming. He agreed that libraries are not only about physical buildings, but how knowledge is conveyed directly to the community to solve existing problems. Libraries are one part of advancing according to community needs.

"The Director of National Library as a stakeholder, I have to build communication and of course the communication must be two-way. And I am very supportive after hearing that nowadays it is switching to knowledge transfer. So the library as an instrument can provide knowledge to the public through IT and face-to-face coaching," he concluded.


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