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13 Jul 2020

ANRI Accreditation Team Visits National Library

Salemba, Jakarta - Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, received a visit from the ANRI Archival Supervision Team, Monday (07/13). The team came to review the documents required for Ministries/Institutions as regulated in Law Number 43 of 2009 concerning Archives, within the National Library.

The Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando said, from the results of the ANRI Supervisory team's assessment in 2019, the National Library got a score of the results of archival supervision of 80.19 or an increase of 49.33 from the 2017 assessment which was 30.86. "Of course this is a commitment that we carry out and because of that commitment we have done everything to get there, of course it is not easy because we are faced with archival management policies, including preparation of human resources, infrastructure, budget and of course, more importantly coordination," he said.

Furthermore, Syarif emphasized that the policy at the National Library regarding the organization of archiving was non-negotiable to produce maximum value. The essence of that value is another part that is inseparable from the obligation to implement the mandatory Law Number 43 of 2009 concerning Archives.

"We report that all these efforts are still formed in three main components, including human resources and infrastructure which are still very limited. The problem is that the awareness of all echelon 2 units of archives is high, but because of the limited knowledge they want archivists to implement it even though the number is also still limited," he continued.

Syarif explained, the commitment conveyed at this time is a commitment that must lead to the management of archives in accordance with internationally standardized principles so that the result will be a professional work where archivists are recognized because of the professional position that apply universally throughout the world.

"Hopefully the team's verification results can be satisfactory. We will provide space for the team to escort, guide, and order the acceleration of archive management at the National Library," he hoped.

Meanwhile, the head of the ANRI Accreditation Team, Endang Kristiana said, her party would carry out field verification to see the documents that have been followed up by the National Library in 2019. "We will see and directly interview relevant officials regarding what kind of official script control for incoming mail and to see the archive arrangement that has been implemented," she explained.


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