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09 Jul 2020

Archive Classification for Easy Retrieval

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Archive classification is used as the basis for managing archives both from the stages of creation, use and storage, and archive shrinkage. This classification is also a reference in archive management, which is one of the four mandatory instruments owned by the National Library. The four mandatory instruments are, among others, official script management, archive classification, archive retention schedules, and a dynamic archive security classification system (SKKAD).

This was conveyed by the Head of Administration, Witanto, in the socialization of the Director of National Library Regulation (Perka) Number 2 of 2015 concerning Archive Classification, Thursday (7/9). It was explained, the purpose of this Perka is as provisions and instructions in grouping archives based on functions and activities as well as a means of filing archives, determining the location of the storage and to actualize the effective and efficient archive management.

"The classification of archive is by providing code and numbering. There are three types, there are encoding of numbers, letters, a combination of numbers and letters. For the classification of archive in the National Library, it uses a combination of letters and numbers,” he explained.

Witanto explained the purpose of classification makes it easier to retrieve archives, because archives are arranged logically and neatly. "When there are documents needed, they can be found immediately because there is already a classification code. This classification is the basis for letter numbering, the basis for filing and retrieval of archives, as well as the basis for the archive retention schedules," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, said that archives are important to be understood and implemented by all archive management units at echelon 1 and echelon 2 levels within the National Library. The National Library is committed to do good archive management in accordance with ANRI policies.

"The National Library's commitment to guard the realization of archive management is non-negotiable. The background of good archive management is an integral part of a good agency assessment," he said.

It is explained that the current National Library policy has four mandatory archival instruments. However, there are still some obstacles in implementing these instruments, including the absence of socialization of the four mandatory archival instruments, and not all work units have an archivist.

"I hope that together we can unite our energy and commitment to strengthen the position of the National Library in the arena as an information center institution. Archivists and librarians are needed because many people want to make decisions briefly but do not have the skills to gather information quickly. These two professions are recognized because they have universal principles that apply internationally," he hoped.


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