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08 Jul 2020

Nurmatio University Follows Up the MOU with National Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - For universities, the presence of a library is an absolute must. The presence of a library is very much needed by students, especially for doing academic assignments or scientific enrichment. Without library, the accreditation of higher education will not achieve a good predicate. 

This was conveyed by the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, when receiving a visit from the Rector of Nurtanio University (Unnur), Tatan Kustana, on Wednesday (7/8). The visit was a follow-up to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Nurtanio University and National Library that coincide with the National Library Coordination Meeting 2020 in Jakarta. In particular, the Unnur Rector expects support from the National Library for student membership registration and assistance in collections procurement.

"Nearly 80 percent of the university budget is used for aviation lectures. It is still very limited for library allocations," said Tatan. In addition, Tatan hoped that the National Library would be willing to accept internship opportunities for students to gain knowledge at the National Library.

Responding to the request of the Unnur Rector, the Director of National Library invited Unnur to look at all National Library collections contained in the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), then make a list of collections or books needed to be provided by the National Library. In addition, the National Library has billions of journal articles that can be accessed at any time. As for the needs of the internship, the Director of the National Library welcomed if conditions allow.

"In the near future, the National Library will immediately collect data on 3,000 Unnur students to become members of the National Library, including teaching staff (lecturers). We will also give a public lecture on library,” added Syarif Bando.


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