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02 Jul 2020

Director of the National Library Inaugurates 35 Functional Officials

Salemba, Jakarta - Witnessed by Deputy of Library Materials Development and Information Services, Ofy Sofiana, and Inspector, Darmadi, Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, inaugurated 35 functional officials up the ranks, Thursday (7/2). On this occasion, the former Prime Secretary of the National Library, Sri Sumekar, was also inaugurated as Prime Librarian, which at the same time ended her structural position as Prime Secretary.

The Director of National Library narrated about how the rivalry of the President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, and the Vice President, John Adams, did not prevent the two of them from establishing the famous Library of Congress until now. Even with librarians not to think and work for themselves. 

"Librarian does not work for himself, then collects credit score, and then get promoted. But how to educate the nation's children," explained the Director of the National Library of Indonesia during a briefing at the inauguration.

The Director of the National Library also reminded that the anniversary of the Indonesian Librarians Association (IPI) on July, 7th will not be a memorable moment as the first declaration was announced, but what could be presented later from the librarians.

"Since the beginning, librarians have never declared themselves as smart people but as managers of knowledge. Literacy is a clear barrier between ancient and modern life. And what distinguishes between the two periods is reading activity. Librarians must be able to dig up all the information they get to be explored later to the public by using existing media," said Syarif Bando.


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