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01 Jul 2020

Serang City Proposes Request for Special Allocation Funds

Salemba, Jakarta - The condition of the building that is shared with two other service offices under one roof is one reason for the proposal of special allocation funds (DAK) by the Serang City Library and Archives Service Office in 2020. This condition results in library services being less than optimal. New land has been prepared and is in the city center. The service office hopes that DAK proposal can be approved so that services and activities that support library can be maximized. Serang City Government has shown the initial seriousness that significantly increased the library budget allocation.

"New land area of nearly 8000 square meters has been prepared. Administratively and legally it has been approved by the mayor," said the Head of Serang City Library and Archives Service Office, Wahyu Nurjamil, during a work visit to the National Library, Wednesday morning (7/1). Originally on the new land later, Wahyu promised to provide library service facilities for children, which so far have not been available due to limited space.

Wahyu also reported that the people of Serang City towards reading activities have also increased. He noted that his party received at least 20-30 requests to be visited by mobile library fleet. So far, the Serang City Library Service Office has only three cars and one motorized pedicab that go back and forth between areas in Serang City.


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