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03 Jun 2020

National Library of Indonesia Improves Librarian's Capabilities through the National Literature Literacy Incubator

Salemba, Jakarta - The Republic of Indonesia's National Library through Perpusnas Press held a workshop on "National Literature Literacy Incubator" which was participated by 15 librarians and library managers from all over Indonesia. The participants were selected from the National Literature Writing Competition held in February-March.

The workshop was held on Wednesday (6/3) online via the teleconferencing application. Head of Law and Planning Bureau of the National Library of Indonesia, Joko Santoso, stated that the "National Literature Literacy Incubator" is an event to improve the ability and competency in the field of writing. "That will eventually give birth to works that are recorded and published by the National Library of Indonesia Press," he said while giving a speech.

Joko Santoso added, the issue of writing, publishing, and the availability of reading material in Indonesian society is lateral, not linear. Therefore, it must be created an ecosystem that supports each other's writers, authorship, including the creation of new papers with their own uniqueness, interests and benefits, which are supported by publishing.

At present, he said, conditions are created where mainstream publishing does not only look at the quality of writing but is also well absorbed by the market. This problem is hampering the world of authorship because not all books of good quality, sell well in the market.

"Now with this effort, we hope that the shortage of reading in Indonesia, which currently has one book is read by 30 thousand people, can soon be overcome by many new works of new writers. Secondly, this publishing effort is a joint effort that cannot be relied on just by economic interests," he explained.

Through the activity organized by Perpusnas Press publisher, various subjects including librarianship are easy to get for the benefit of library development in Indonesia. In addition, the essay of the participants is expected to explore librarianship based on Indonesia. "The philosophy of Indonesian librarianship is different from the philosophy of Western librarianship. Now this is what we need to explore in this publication effort," he said.

The activity of "National Literature Literacy Incubator" is expected to be a momentum in starting a new tradition of reviving the climate of authorship, celebrating positive thoughts, as well as thoughts drawn from experience in the region. Everything is documented in the publication so that people can enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Head of Publishing Subdivision, Edi Wiyono, stated that this activity was planned to be in the form of quarantine of participants held face-to-face at the National Library of Indonesia for 3 (three) days in April 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine was replaced with a workshop held online. A total of 15 selected participants were mentored and collaborated online to produce a book.

Edi added, as many as 305 participants took part in the National Literature Writing Competition with the theme "Librarian Innovation and Creativity in the Framework of Increasing Literacy Index to Achieve Superior HR towards Advanced Indonesia". The competition was attended by librarians and library managers from all over Indonesia with details of 37 people from Sumatra, 222 people from Java, 14 people from Kalimantan, 13 people from Bali and NTT, 18 people from Sulawesi, and 1 person from Maluku and Papua.

In this training, the participants received guidance from the Bitread team to polish their writings. Subsequently, the participant's writings were posted and published in July 2020. In addition, three best works will be selected to be first, second and third prize.


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