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03 Jun 2020

FGD Together with Voice Recorded Works Producers: Involving Librarians, National Library Plans to Arrange Indonesian Music Encyclopedia

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta — The Korean Pop (K-Pop) Industry is currently plaguing the world. It is due to the seriousness of the South Korean government that totally supports its people to change their culture into a savory art industry. Loaded with material coffers and popularity, this success is tried to be pioneered by the National Library who wished the voice industry to get a decent portion, including royalties for the artists. The Law on the Handover of Printed and Recorded Works (UU KCKR) No. 13/2018 places the National Library not only as an agent for collecting, storing, and managing KCKR but also wishing for music to become world class with synergy efforts.

This discussion surfaced at the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between the National Library and producers of voice recorded works represented by the Chairperson of the Presidium of the Indonesia Music Forum, Buddi Ace, Chairperson of the Karya Cipta Indonesia, Dharma Oratmangun, musician representative, Rahman Syarief, and music observer, Bens Leo, which was held physically distancing in Jakarta, on Wednesday (6/5).

"The issue of copyright and royalties is something that is often complained of by artists," explained Bens Leo starting the discussion.

Bens then recounted a few years ago he had a conversation with one of the musicians from a region who tried to register the copyright of his work to one of the relevant ministries. Long story short, the musician canceled his intention on the grounds of cost. If the amount of the cost has become an obstacle, what about the artists who choose the indie path?

Well, the existence of UU SSKCKR No. 13 of 2018 is like bringing a breath of fresh air to the music industry. They feel that the country is present, especially when it comes to copyright. That is, every work that has been submitted, stored, managed, preserved, they do not need to be charged for these things. The same treatment is also given to traditional music.

Another thing that the voice industry desires is how their works can be enjoyed en masse, for example through the YouTube channel. They hope that if their works are enjoyed by many people and reach certain viewers, they can get royalties.  

"Hopefully, the National Library can become a pioneer so that musicians can be more prosperous when their works are uploaded to YouTube because there is economic value (read: royalties)," explained Bens.

In line with Bens, Chairperson of the Indonesia Music Forum Presidium, Buddi Ace, also expected the same thing. However, to be equal with K-Pop is still a long way off because Buddi feels that the music industry does not yet exist because the ecosystem is not yet operational. However, Buddi suggested that the country through the National Library can become a YouTube partner because on YouTube there is a 'YouTube Partner Program' program that has been running since 2020.

"The YouTube of the National Library can be part of the 'YouTube Partner Program' program if it has successfully subscribed above 100,000, and show times exceed 4,000 hours. If this content is successfully turned on, in addition to giving gifts as reward, I believe in the future many will flock to submit their work," explained Buddi.

In addition, Buddi also conveyed an interesting idea so that every work that had been submitted at the National Library was not only saved but could also be told through the making of an Indonesian music encyclopedia.

The FGD participants agreed that the commitment to improve the music industry is not only from the economic side alone, but also must be one indicator of civilization and binding differences (unifying). "If we only think economically, it means only exploiting. But we can collaborate to make innovations that are more millennial and I agree with the idea of making encyclopedia," added Dharma Oratmangun.

Responding to a number of inputs, the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, felt the idea of putting every piece of music into the YouTube channel could have been done, but Syarif Bando felt this needed to be renegotiated with YouTube Indonesia. "If the project runs, then the purpose of the National Library to bring prosperity and benefits (through giving royati) can be realized," said Syarif Bando.

In fact, the innovation of the idea of making Indonesian music encyclopedia was appreciated by the Director of the National Library. In fact, it will implicitly involve librarians and become one of the National Library activities in 2021.


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