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26 Jun 2020

RB Socialisation: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Government’s Governance

Salemba, Jakarta - Unit Bureaucratic Reform Team of National Library Bureaucratic Reform (RB)Team participated at the 2020 RB Socialisation event organised by Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB Ministry). The activity was held via video teleconference for National Library of Indonesia and Ministry of Social Affairs that are included in Region III under the Supervision of PANRB Ministry.

Main Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar as the person in charge of RB, Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services Ofy Sofiana, and Deputy of Library Resources Development Woro Titi Haryanti also attended this socialisation. A total of 146 leaders and members of RB Change Area team also attended the socialisation.

In the opening, Deputy for Bureaucratic Reform, Apparatus Accountability, and Supervision of PANRB Ministry, Jufri Rahman, stated that RB is carried out to increase efficiency and effectiveness of government governance. According to President Joko Widodo's directives, the bureaucracy must be oriented towards tangible results.

RB's policy as stipulated in Presidential Regulation No. 81 of 2010 on Grand Design of RB 2010-2025 contains the master plan for the implementation of National RB. This presidential regulation contains a national RB grand design roadmap which is divided into three stages, namely stage I (2010-2014), stage II (2015-2019), and stage III (2020-2024).

Jufri explained that there are three RB priority agendas that must be implemented, namely simplifying echelonering from structural to functional positions to create a more agile and effective bureaucracy. Second, simplifying licensing process to break the chain of structures and policy rules that are considered convoluted. "Finally, upholding integrity by continuing to prevent and take action against all forms of irregularities and KKN," he explained when opening the event on Friday (26/6/2020).

National Library is reminded to immediately prepare National Library RB Grand Design Roadmap for 2020-2024. Currently, National Library of Indonesia RB team is still drafting a roadmap. Meanwhile, Assistant Deputy for Implementation and Evaluation of Bureaucratic Reform, Apparatus Accountability and Region III Supervision of Ministry of PANRB Naptalina Sipayung explained that the third phase of RB roadmap for 2020-2024 compiled by National Library must focus on the root problems of governance. "There are three new things in 2020-204 RB roadmap, namely involving more parties, both internal and external, the strategy is more implementable, as well as programmes and activities designed down to work units. So that later it will be clear what the changes will be, what the impact of the changes will be," she said.

PANRB Ministry found ten records of RB evaluation results. Among them, RB has been considered a project in nature, does not refer to the root of the problem, is not integrated, the supervisory function is not optimal, there is no performance culture (still in the comfort zone).

Naptalina continued the evaluation, noting that the understanding of RB is only at the agency level (RB team), while the work unit does not yet understand and is not internalised, RB is only considered as support for administrative completeness, even some thought that RB is the same as remuneration, individual performance measurement has not been carried out based on performance allowances, orientation to expectations and service recipients satisfaction is still low, and it is difficult to trace the changes that have occurred.

"The important point of implementing RB is to make change as a necessity for the institution," she said.






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