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17 Jun 2020

Disruption in the Midst of the Pandemic Makes People Digital Literate

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The era of disruption made the world completely digital. Media platforms have also changed. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has almost hit all countries in the world, forcing people to be digitally literate because daily rules or protocols all come into contact with technology. People move from the offline to online world.

Take for example, seminars held online or popularly called webinars can now be attended by thousands of people without having to meet face to face. Recruitment can be done virtually. Work activities can also be done from home using information and communication technology devices.

The sophistication of technology created by humans begins with literacy skills. Technology also allows the dissemination of information to take place so that everything becomes easier to obtain in a short time. The medium of people learning, which had just switched to digital (going digital), is increasingly digital.

"In the mass media it is clear. Gradually, people began to leave conventional TV. Millennial children rarely watch TV. They prefer to watch and get information through social media, such as Twitter, Instagram. YouTube channels are now more popular than TV,” explained media practitioner, Helmi Yahya, when he became a speaker for the Webinar “Bangkit Dari Pandemi Dengan Literasi,” on Wednesday (6/17).

Literacy activists, according to Helmi Yahya, must change their mindsets. Information is now not only conveyed through books (printing media) but is now very digital. It is more practical because it can be obtained cheaply, as long as there is wi-fi or internet network available. You can get it anytime anywhere, as long as it is connected.

The television world is starting to lose its reputation and its loyal audience because it is now going digital. In South Korea, for example, the colonial group (parents) were already good at playing YouTube. The public is considered to have disliked long-duration entertainment. News can no longer be presented for long.

Throughout his career in television, Helmi Yahya currently has a YouTube channel 'Helmy Yahya Bicara'. "Usually, YouTubers are young people, but I have a media where I can educate the nation, inspire the nation, provide information and knowledge from my current expertise. Even here I get freedom of expression but there is a monetizing (income) which is quite extraordinary," said Helmi.

Many Indonesian celebrities who are able to earn up to billions of rupiah only with a YouTube channel with millions of viewers.

"So, currently Indonesian people have shifted from a culture of reading to a culture of seeing. If we use social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, I want to tell you that moving images or videos will respond higher than still photos. And the photo will be responded more than just text," explained Helmi.

The most effective medium today is audio visual. Therefore, many people use YouTube as a means of communicating rather than just sharing photos or even just text.

"My message is that libraries are no longer focused on only printed books, but digital books (e-books) that can be accessed from anywhere. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, book lending activities should no longer come to the library but can be done digitally," said Helmi.


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