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17 Jun 2020

Literacy Skills Strengthen Community Competencies

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The Covid-19 pandemic has provided valuable lessons, both in terms of health but also socio-cultural aspects. The pandemic has changed people's behavior to be more disciplined in implementing clean and healthy living habits (PHBS). The pandemic has made employees work with a work from home (WFH) pattern, honed using applications to share activities virtually.

The webinar “Bangkit Dari Pandemi Dengan Literasi” is intended to highlight the role of literacy in efforts to accelerate the socio-economic recovery of the community from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on a number of studies, literacy can have a positive impact on increasing the quality of human life and improving the welfare. The majority of people believe that increasing welfare starts from improving income, especially for those who work.

“A person with good literacy skills will have a great chance to succeed in the job market with a better income,” explained the Deputy for Human Development, Society and Culture of Bappenas, Subandi Sardjoko, starting the Webinar, on Wednesday (6/17).

Literacy skills can strengthen capabilities and competencies through the development of various skills and expertise needed in the job market. The skills possessed by literacy abilities are able to work more effectively and efficiently so that it has an impact on high income in accordance with the expertise.

Subandi added that literacy is always synonymous with literacy. Although it is rarely associated with socio-economic development, especially the welfare of the community. Literacy is related to the progress of a nation's civilization. The higher the level of literacy also determines the success of a country's development. In the concept of human development (public relations development), literacy is an important pillar for creating a knowledgeable and characterized society.

Positioning the literacy spirit in the midst of pandemic is not impossible. Moreover, many people have felt the impact of welfare through literacy, so efforts to rise from the pandemic with literacy must begin.


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