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17 Jun 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic, Magetan Regency Library Serves Isolated Communities

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Magetan Regency in East Java has not stopped doing literacy strengthening. Magetan Regent Suprawoto stated that libraries and literacy continue to assist people with limited activities.

"In every village in Magetan, an isolation house is built. The effort made by library is to visit each isolation place to give them reading materials. Apart from that, people can also order books at the library to use for studying at home,” he explained when he was a speaker at “Rise Up from the Pandemic with Literacy” webinar held on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 via video teleconference.

Former Deputy Head of Magetan Regency Regional Library explained that literacy activities continued during Covid-19 pandemic. Among them are literacy workshop, Bupati Menulis activities, and storytelling competitions. Every week for more than 10 years, Regent Suprawoto has written for printed media and Javanese language media. He encourages his citizens to be active in writing. As a person who is productive in writing, in his opinion, writing can be a picture of the past for future generations.

In addition, people are encouraged to buy local farmers' products, considering that Magetan is center of egg and vegetable production. Natural products from vegetable, fruit farmers and breeders are purchased to be distributed to officials on the front lines and distributed to isolated communities.

Suprawoto emphasised that the understanding of Magetan Regency people about Covid-19 is good. Magetan is one of the areas where people are exposed to Covid-19, along with Surabaya and Malang. Even so, there is no rejection from the society against people with Covid-19.

“In fact, when people or families who have the same fate are isolated in a village, they help each other. This shows people's understanding that Covid-19 is not a disease that must be shunned and is not a disgrace,” he explained.

Approaching the new normal era, his party is strengthening regional literacy. In the education sector, students graduate virtually while those who graduate in the top ten are invited to school dressed in traditional clothes, but still apply distance control. Meanwhile, the opening of mosques and public service mall is also prepared for a new normal life so that community services can still run well.


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