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17 Jun 2020

Implementing Bureaucratic Reform, National Library Focuses on HR Management

Salemba, Jakarta - Prime Secretary of National Library of Indonesia Sri Sumekar asked National Library of Indonesia to commit to carrying out its duties in the Independent Assessment of Implementation of Bureaucratic Reform (PMPRB). Sri Sumekar said, this year, National Library should be able to achieve a minimum score of 75.

"In particular, Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment (PANRB) invites every institution that in 2020, each institution must have an RB value of 75. We can try to pursue this with the support of ladies and gentlemen," she explained while giving directions at the Evaluation Coordination Meeting of National Library of Indonesia Bureaucratic Reform Implementation 2020.

This year, the deadline for filling out PMPRB ministries/institutions is June 30, 2020. PMPRB is filled based on the results of National Library RB achievements referring to the action plan, to be further assessed by a team from Ministry of PANRB.

Sri Sumekar added that this year, there are a number of new assessment indicators included in RB assessment, such as Merit Index System and archives assessment. Improving the quality of human resources is an emphasis because it is in accordance with the vision of RB in Indonesia, namely the world level bureaucracy.

"So, we are heading there, there are programmes related to improving human resources so that we can also head to the world level bureaucracy which also refers to the development of information technology. HR is the key determinant of strengthening RB, especially regarding the demands of industrial revolution 4.0. Becoming a trigger in increasing quality human resources. And there are still a lot of homework to strengthen human resources, so please support this, ladies and gentlemen," she explained.

In addition, there are a number of strategic issues to which National Library of Indonesia must pay attention. Among them are the establishment of an integrity zone, simplifying the bureaucracy of echelon three and four, and improving performance through performance manual indicators.

Meanwhile, National Library Inspector Darmadi stated that starting this year, RB road map for each institution must be in accordance with the institution's strategic plan (renstra). National Library of Indonesia has prepared National Library of Indonesia RB Road Map for 2020-2024 which is in accordance with National Library Strategic Plan 2020-2024.

"So, the new point in RB now, because indicators in RB being included in the strategic plan, it will definitely be implemented by the work unit concerned. Being integrated with the implementation of main duties and functions. It is a mandate from PANRB Ministry that RB is not an additional activity. That RB activities starting from 2020-2024 are the main tasks and functions of all of us, according to our own units. Because what we do in RB activities, there is also included in Strategic Plan," he concluded.


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