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26 Jun 2020

Preventing Hoax by Reading Webinar: Hoaxes Have the Potential to Cause Conflict

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Since Covid-19 virus broke out, there has been lots of news and information related to this which turned out to be fake (hoax). The spread of hoaxes can be prevented as early as possible so that they do not cause harmful effects for the public, one of which is by reading.

Hoaxes have the potential to cause conflict. In a literature, hoaxes have appeared in the 17th century and continue to develop along with advances in communication and information technology.

"Humans tend to wish to look exclusive. To be the first to share information. Especially if the information is obtained from their immediate environment, such as family or close friends," explained Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library, Woro Titi Haryanti, at 'Preventing Hoaxes by Reading’ webinar event, Friday afternoon, (26/6).

Woro Titi further explained that there are several types of hoaxes commonly circulated in the community. Those are chain messages, online fraud, defamation, sad or heartbreaking stories, to hoaxes about urban legends.

In order not to be exposed to hoax news or information, Woro Titi asks anyone when they receive odd information to keep it for a moment, then search through a trusted source or portal. They can also refer to library before sharing it again.

"Don't follow the sensation or the growing trends. Every human being must be responsible with their finger," advised Woro Titi ending the webinar.



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