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15 Jun 2020

Briefing for Archives Managers at the Active Archives Center

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - One of the points assessed in the evaluation of bureaucratic reform is the archiving activities of a ministry/institution. The higher the archival index, the higher the bureaucratic reform index, which in turn will increase the performance allowance of that ministry/institution.

In the "Briefing for Archives Managers at the Active Archives Center", the Prime Secretary of the National Library, Sri Sumekar, appreciated the performance of the General Bureau, especially archives managers who have performed well in increasing the archival index. As a note, in 2019 archival external supervision, the National Library archival index increased to 80.19. As a result, it has an impact on increasing the National Library's bureaucratic reform index and the welfare of National Library of Indonesia State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

"In 2020, the National Library is targeting an archival index of 85. Therefore, it requires commitment and hard work together to make it happen," said Sri Sumekar in her speech at the "Briefing for Archives Managers at the Active Archives Center", Monday (6/15). Based on the results of archival supervision from the National Archives (ANRI), National Library has established various policies regarding archives, although in several aspects there are still improvements, including management of archives, infrastructure, and the number of archivists. Sri Sumekar emphasized that all levels in the National Library should pay attention to this.

This briefing activity is carried out in order to prepare archives management which will be started from each processing unit in all work units. In addition, it is hoped that this activity can become a discussion forum regarding archival management, especially the central archive in echelon 2 work units.

Meanwhile, the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, appreciated the holding of this activity as a follow-up to the results of archival supervision by ANRI. "The implementation of this activity does not mean that we are ordered by ANRI, but it is mandated by Law no. 43/2009 concerning archiving," said Syarif Bando in front of the briefing participants. Syarif hopes that there will be more informative and educational activities such as technical guidance and socialization in the future.

The event ended with a question and answer session. Most of the questions asked by the briefing participants revolved around archive storage, both the place and mechanism, the classification of archives, and archive retention.


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