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09 Jun 2020

USU Explores Collaboration with the National Library to Improve Literacy in North Sumatra

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - North Sumatra is known as a multi-ethnic area with many kingdoms and certainly has its own history. However, history which should be a matter of pride has not yet become a favorite reading material among Indonesians, but foreigners. With the aim of visit to consult and report on the development of the library science study program at the University of North Sumatra (USU), Tuesday (6/9), the Dean of the USU Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Budi Agustono, expressed USU's desire to collaborate with the National Library to improve literacy of the North Sumatra people.

"Accreditation A has been obtained by USU's library science study program and in the future we really hope to play an active role in the development of libraries in North Sumatra," explained Budi. "However, the accreditation cannot function optimally without the cooperation built with the National Library," continued the Dean of the USU Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

Budi hopes that the cooperation with the National Library can increase the literacy of the people of North Sumatra. For example, holding community service activities, such as reading ambassador or how to write writing events. Because according to him, literacy is not limited to reading but also writing. In addition, Budi also hopes that the library science study program can further develop in the future.

Responding to this, the Director of the National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, felt that he had benefited from the library science study program at USU because it could produce quality young librarians in the future. However, it must be supported by how to change the paradigm of students towards society. Because history is not only about seeing travel records, but also about how these students will change the world and it is through library that the paradigm is created.

"It should be noted that there are four levels of literacy, namely the availability of access and reading material, understand the implicit of what is written from the reading material, creating ideas, and being able to produce quality goods and services to compete in the global world. So literacy is not just about the ability to read and that is what must be instilled in the community," said Syarif Bando.

Furthermore, the Director of the National Library, emphasized that during the Covid-19 pandemic, where all people were asked to do activities independently and through personal devices, the National Library continued to make its best efforts to classify reading material sources according to their subject to make it easier for readers who were looking for references through the digital library belonging to the National Library, especially for students. "We hope that after this meeting, all USU students can be recommended to become members of the National Library. Because we are continuing the process to make it easier for visitors to find reference materials," he concluded.


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