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08 Jun 2020

Facing New Normal, National Library Holds Rapid Test

Salemba, Jakarta - To break the chain of the Covid-19 virus spreading, the National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) held a rapid test, on Monday (6/8). This rapid test was followed by hundreds of employees within the National Library and security officers.

The Prime Secretary of the National Library, Sri Sumekar, emphasized that this Rapid Test was a step to prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the National Library of Indonesia. "We are doing various efforts to prevent the spread of the corona virus, one of which is the procurement of this rapid test which aims to detect employees, especially those who have just returned from their hometowns," she said.

Furthermore, Sri Sumekar said, this rapid test will also be followed by employees who work in the service sector. "They are at risk because they meet many people on a daily basis," she continued.

Before the Rapid Test was held, the National Library of Indonesia has also taken various preventive actions so that the Covid-19 pandemic does not spread especially in the National Library environment. These actions include checking the body temperature of incoming employees or guests, providing hand sanitizers, providing hand washing stations, spraying disinfectants throughout the room and the obligation to use masks while working.


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