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01 Jun 2020

If South Kalimantan Already in "New Normal" Situation to Avoid Spikes, Library Visitors Are Restricted

In welcoming the new life order, South Kalimantan Provincial Library and Archive Service (Dispersip) revamps several aspects of library services, when they are officially reopened to the public.

Bunda Nunung – familiar call for Dra. Hj. Nurliani Dardie, M.AP - said the revamping was carried out in the visitor service system when implementing New Normal.

For example, her party will limit the number of visitors at Palnam Library. "Seats and visitors' queues have also been arranged to match the distance specified in the health protocol. Including on the circulation desks and membership services," she told KOPI.

So, if there is a surge in the number of visitors as before the outbreak, the Library staff will direct them to borrow books and then take it home.

"Or you can also read it in a gazebo that has been prepared in the library's park," said Bunda Nunung.

Restrictions are not only done in the reading room, other facilities such as kids library is also restricted. "We only receive one PAUD (Early Childhood Education) per day. The point is we do not pursue the target number of visitors," she added. "Of course everyone who visits the library must be disciplined in implementing health protocols," she concluded.

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