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30 Oct 2019

Kawentar Metal Craft Exhibition Supports Library Based on Social Inclusion Literacy

Blitar, East Java - The Metal Crafts exhibition held by ISI Surakarta college students at Bung Karno Library was officially opened by the Mayor of Blitar represented by the Head of Tourism and Culture of Blitar City, Tri Iman, accompanied by the the Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of Bung Karno Library, Agus Sutoyo, Wednesday (10/30) in the lobby of Bung Karno Library. Present were the supervisor of ISI college students who is also the Vice Dean of ISI Surakarta, Agus Ahmadi, lecturers of Fine Arts study program, students and other college students. The event, titled Susun Song Song #6 with the theme of Selaras Ati, raised the handicraft of metal crafts created by ISI Surakarta fine art college students.

Agus Ahmadi said in his report that the Metal Craft craft is one of the student activities which is part of the final project in Fine Arts Study Program and also alumni who are members of the Kawentar community. Kawentar itself, according to Agus Ahmadi, is a community of ISI Surakarta alumni and active college students from Blitar. "The theme of Selaras Ati is taken as a form of harmonizing arts and culture in Blitar Raya. Blitar has a lot of artistic and cultural potential that is explored and known to the general public. Through this exhibition, it will be a place to channel a work by showing Blitar's local culture so that culture and technology can be in harmony within millennial era," he said.

While Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of PP Bung Karno in his remarks said this activity was a continuation of the National and Youth Literacy Month activities because of the Selaras Ati theme, where Bung Karno Library through its activities also aligned between cultural arts and library. "As far as I know from books that I have read, said Agus Sutoyo, metal craft in Indonesia began in 500 BC, which was the time of metal in Indonesia. The manufacture of metal crafts in Kraton has always existed, according to the procession of the metal expertise. In Kraton, the special expertise of pandemas or 'packaging' including 'sang mangilala drwya haji' in the inscription called 'linus galuh' has been traced within Kraton that in Javanese mastery expression described the atmosphere of the palace in scene (jejer)," he said clearly. 

"Library is now really becomes a recreational vehicle and a place to enhance and develop public creativity based on social inclusion. Bung Karno Library greatly appreciated community activities at library, even on the 26th and 27th of October we held a colossal performance of the archipelago dance that was participated by 400 dancers and attended by more than 1400 people, and the following night was the Wayang Kulit performance by carrying Semar Mbangun Kahyangan play with no less than 1100 people watched that puppet show until morning," he said.

While the Head of Tourism and Culture Service Office in the opening ceremony said that the collaboration carried out by the Tourism and Culture Service Office and Bung Karno Library was good enough, always synergizing. "So if there is an activity that is indeed an annual routine agenda, it can be informed to us and it will be an agenda that we publish for activities in the city of Blitar. Especially today this exhibition is quite good because it elevates the richness of art and culture, especially those that exist in Blitar Raya," he said.

This exhibition with a variety of metal craft features such as the work of Kuntadi Wasi Darmaji with Dhapur Javanese Keris in upih, pamort and gold mattresses, with warrangka ladrang, deder, pedhok and mendak styles of furnitures in Surakarta features. There are also acrilic works Doa Rupa, jaranan arts, Blitar pecel flavor, Blitar barong rampong, mini aquariums from used goods, and other works of harmony, including also displaying the fine arts of Blitar City High School students. **

Reporter: Budi Kastowo

Photographer: Juwito/Ardha

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