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30 Oct 2019

Reading to realize the Vision of Pekanbaru, a Smart City Madani

Pekanbaru, Riau --- Deputy Mayor of Pekanbaru, Ayat Cahyadi, supports and appreciates all activities that can improve the quality of human resources through enhancement of reading interest and reading power of people in the city of Pekanbaru. "Improving the quality of human resources is in accordance with the direction of the President, during his inauguration speech that emphasized the importance of utilizing the productive community demographic bonus momentum in Indonesia," said Ayat. Ayat continues that the demographic bonus can be a threat if there are no jobs available for this productive community. On the contrary, this can be a great opportunity, if we are able to produce superior human resources through a conducive political and economic ecosystem. "The key word is improving the quality of human resources, and it must start with reading," he said. "Because by reading, from not knowing to knowing, from those who are not yet skilled can become skilled, for example in library people can gain skills through applicable reading sources," Ayat added.

Ayat Cahyadi also said that improving the quality of human resources through reading fondness that utilizes social inclusion-based libraries greatly supports the vision of Pekanbaru City who wants to become a Smart City Madani, where one of the pillars of the vision is smart people. The other five pillars are smart governance, smart living, smart mobility, smart economy, and smart environment.

Improving the quality of human resources was also emphasized by Director of the National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando. According to him, in order to compete in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, there was no choice but to prepare superior human resources. "Indonesia must prepare human resources that can create goods and services on a large scale, for that there is no other way except by interacting with the world of science in various media, whether it is digital media, printed media or maybe the positive social media as well," said Syarif.

The role of library in educating the life of nation, now feels marginalized in the institutional structure that exists at various levels of Regional Government. However, in the future the role of library will increase along with various laws and regulations that support the role of library in regional institutions. In addition to Law 43 of 2007 concerning Library and Law 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government, the role of library in region is also supported by Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs (Permendagri) Number 33 of 2019 concerning guidelines for the preparation of APBD (Regional Revenue and Expenditures Budget) 2020. "In the Permendagri article 66 already stated that guidelines for the preparation of APBD in all regencies in Indonesia can no longer ignore the library elements," said Syarif. "There are 3 library components that must be funded by the APBD. The first is institutional concerning facilities and infrastructure, human resources, collections, and service systems, the second must also be funded about the culture of reading fondness, and the third is preservation and development of the nation's cultural documentary heritage, including a 600-year-old documentary heritage owned by the library in the form of legislation compiled in Malay which shows that the high civilization of Malay culture is a native culture of Indonesia," said Syarif. 

The main event of the Cultivation of Reading Fondness Safari in the City of Pekanbaru was the talkshow that featured inspirational speakers in increasing reading and library fondness. In addition to the Deputy Mayor and Director of the National Library, the well-known humanist, Gol A Gong, shared the experience of reading importance that shaped him to be as strong and creative as he is today, Chairman of the Library Board, Dr. H. Chaidir, who described the history of literacy in Riau, and Head of the Riau Province Library and Archive Service Office, Dr. Rahima Erna, who described the library development policy in Riau.

In the same series, Director of the National Library also inaugurated the Chairman of the Dharma Wanita Activator of Pekanbaru City, Hj. Asmawati M. Noer as the Reading Mother of Pekanbaru City and Chandra Alfindodes as the Reading Ambassador of Pekanbaru City. Both are expected to become role models and inspire in developing human resources of Pekanbaru City as a trade and education services center as well as a Malay cultural center towards a prosperous community based on faith and piety. Also present were the Chairperson of the Central Board for Reading Interest Acculturation Movement (GPMB), Dr. Tjahjo Suprajogo, who confirmed the Regional Management of GPMB Pekanbaru City for Period of 2019-2023.

Reporter: Radhitya

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