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03 Oct 2019

Bung Karno's Library Fosters the Spirit of Young Generation Nationalism

Badung, Bali - Bung Karno said in the book Amanat Proclamation Volume III (1956: p. 74), Courage, courage once again, always courage, so every great struggle not only requires sacrifice, but it also demands courage.

Fostering the spirit of nationalism and national character for the nation's next generation in the era of intensive information carried out by Proclamator Library of Bung Karno. Nationality Greetings from more than 300 participants consisting of lecturers, teachers, college students, students, ASN (State Civil Apparatus) in Badung Regency Government, Library Managers, Reading Fondness Community and community leaders echoed in Kertha Gosana building, Badung Regency, Bali, Thursday (10/3). The event, which was held in collaboration between the Proclamator Library UPT (Technical Executing Unit) of Bung Karno and the Archives and Library Service Office of Badung Regency, was attended by Deputy Regent of Badung, I Ketut Suiasa and Head of the Commission I of Badung DPRD (Regional People's Representative Assembly), I Wayan Regep, and Head of the Archives and Library Service Office, Ni Wayan Kristiani. 

According to the Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of Bung Karno Library, Agus Sutoyo, the aim of Bung Karno Library socialization event was to inspire the public so that Bung Karno's ideas and thoughts could be applied in real life to achieve a more dignified life, respecting differences, reviving mutual cooperation and the spirit of “Indonesianness” that is engraved in the soul and body of the Indonesian nation. Agus Sutoyo, who was also one of the speakers at the event, mentioned the importance of the Indonesian nation to understand and appreciate the mental revolution conveyed by Bung Karno. Bung Karno said the purpose of revolution was for sovereignty from Sabang to Merauke, realizing a just and prosperous community, and maintaining world friendship and peace. In addition, said Bung Karno, the national revolution was a fundamental revolution in the proclamation, free from invaders and the formation of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. The social revolution is the realization of a just prosperous. "The realization of gemah ripah loh jinawi, tata tentrem kerta raharja community," he said while closing the program with the reading of nationalism poetry by Bung Karno with the title 'Aku Melihat Indonesia'.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Badung, I Ketut Suiasa, welcomed the socialization because it was useful to encourage the values of struggle and character of an Indonesian Father, Bung Karno. "The concept of the teaching of Tri Sakti Bung Karno and Marhaenism is indeed the order of struggle that is able to live and develop in every era. What is done by this nation will not come out of the corridors of the values and fighting spirit of Bung Karno as the founder of the nation and his character. Hopefully this young generation especially millennials can implement it in their daily lives," he said.

Suiasa was hoping that through this socialization, young generation could also know about the information or the values structure of Bung Karno's figure as a figure of the struggle of Indonesian nation, to continue to be encouraged in the midst of society. "So the goal is to always maintain, build our sense of idealism, national idealism to protect the integrity of Indonesian nation and maintain the four pillars of nationality which are a fixed price for us. So this becomes something that happens continuously throughout the history of Indonesian civilization," he continued.

The event was followed by discussion, souvenir handover, souvenir distribution, group photos and closed with poetry reading of Bung Karno poem entitled Aku Melihat Indonesia by the Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of Bung Karno Library, Agus Sutoyo, that accompanied by the strains of Indonesian instruments on Tanah Airku and at the end of the event, Agus Sutoyo invited all participants to sing together the song that is full of nationalism values.***

Reporter: Handayani

Photographer: Aji Wianjono

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