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30 Apr 2020

Following up Musrenbangnas 2020, National Library Formulates Three Policies


Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The implementation of National Development Planning Conference (Musrenbangnas) 2020 is different from previous years. In the midst of Corona virus pandemic, Musrenbangnas was held virtually for the first time. President Jokowi directly opened this activity.

Minister of National Development Planning (PPN / Head of Bappenas), Suharso Monoarfa, said that the implementation of Musrenbangnas virtually does not reduce involvement in the regions and can be widely accessed by the public.

"Musrenbangnas is different from previous years, this year is virtual. New ways of responding to e-government and developing strategic support," Suharso said in a video conference, Jakarta, Thursday (30/4).

Musrenbangnas 2020 is carried out in the context of preparing government work plan (RKP) in 2021. Suharso said, COVID-19 pandemic had impacted on national economy and on the implementation of RPJMN in 2020. Because there is a diversion of economic development it is important to consider Corona in developing macroeconomic framework.

The theme of RKP 2020 is accelerating economic and social reform with a focus on the development of industrial recovery, tourism and investment, national health system reform, social safety net system reform, and disaster resilience system reform.

"The pandemic had a major impact on national development, affecting RPJMN 2020-2025’s target. The correction of economic targets dropped quite sharply in 2020," he explained.

Understanding these conditions, government work plan for 2021 is directed towards this. RKP 2021 accelerates economic recovery and social reform by focusing on the recovery of tourism industry, investment, national health system reform, social safety system reform, and disaster resilience system reform," he said.

"Handling COVID-19 by considering the assumption that COVID-19 pandemic will, God willing, end soon in 2020. The scenario of economic recovery agenda after COVID-19 pandemic becomes an important part in the macroeconomic framework of RKP 2021," he explained.

In RKP 2021, Suharso stated that there were seven national priority agendas namely, first, economic resilience for quality and equitable growth. Second, developing areas to reduce inequalities and ensuring equity. Third, increasing the quality of human resources and competitiveness.

Fourth, mental revolution and cultural development. Fifth, strengthening infrastructure to support economic development and basic services. Sixth, developing the environment, increasing disaster and climate change resilience, and seventh, strengthening the stability of politics, law, defense and security and transformation of public services.

After attending Musrebangnas, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando immediately followed up on what Bappenas had directed with three policies, namely improving health system at National Library, increasing collections on herbs, and realising National Library as Big Data.

"Big Data is intended to focus on making National Library a source of information, knowledge, and technology and culture," concluded Director of National Library.


Reportage: Hartoyo Darmawan



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