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16 Apr 2020

DPR RI Commission X Hearing Meeting with National Library: National Library Asked to Advance Digital Library Service


Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - In the midst of Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic, the number of visitors and users of digital service of National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (National Library of Indonesia) actually experienced a significant increase up to 130 percent per week. Digital service such as iPusnas is people's choice to overcome the boredom of physical distancing implemented by the government.

This was stated by Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, in the presence of chairperson Abdul Fikri Faqih and a member of House of Representatives Commission X during a Hearing Meeting (RDP) by teleconference on Thursday, (16/4).

Furthermore, Syarif Bando said that since the stay at home policy was implemented in March, the community has been enthusiastic about downloading and using iPusnas application. In the period March 8-14, the number of iPusnas downloaders was 8,238, then jumped sharply in the period March 29-April 4 which reached 42,645. Such significance also occurs at the level of iPusnas use. In the period March 8-14, it was 9,783. However, in the period March 29-April 4 increased dramatically to 40,902.

iPusnas digital reading application gets full support from all members of House of Representatives Commission X. iPusnas is considered effective in filling the void of time and community boredom during the pandemic. They hope that in the future, National Library as a supplier (provider) must collaborate with IT providers or other institutions, such as Ministry of Education and Culture or Ministry of Tourism. "The cooperation is intended so that National Library knows the needs of reading materials required, including if it is possible for textbooks to be transferred into digital form, into iPusnas platform," added Putra Nababan, member of House of Representatives Commission X from PDIP faction.

Strengthening public literacy through online libraries must also be accompanied by socialisation and media publications so that online library service type owned by National Library, such as iPusnas, Indonesia OneSearch (IOS) and Khastara are known to the general public.

The same thing was also expressed by Ferdiasyah from Golkar faction. He said that not only textbooks were included in iPusnas platform, but light, creative and inspiring light books also needed to be displayed. "Especially if it is contextualised with current conditions, where many people are active and learning from home," he explained. Ferdiasnyah even agreed with the contents of Coronapedia because many people still did not understand.

During the pandemic, House of Representatives Commission X said that the use of National Library's service facilities which had been stopped temporarily could be diverted by utilising conference media inviting many participants so that it is attractive for literacy community.

Responding to a number of proposals from Commission X, Director of National Library said that his party had planned to connect all digital book contents that had been created by local government. "We will make a network that is connected with regions that have made similar efforts, such as iKaltim, iRiau, iJakarta, and so on," explained Syarif Bando.

With regard to the Covid-19 prevention policy, National Library of Indonesia has actively carried out a number of crucial steps such as forming Health Cadres in charge of Covid-19 protocol, conducting socialisation and education on Covid-19 prevention, using thermometers (body temperature scanner) and disinfectant chambers, recommending the use of face masks and hand sanitisers when entering National Library area, encouraging disinfectant spraying, procuring Disinfectant Chamber equipment, conducting Covid-19 Rapid Test, and raising fund voluntarily from employees to be donated to BNPB.


Reportage: Hartoyo Darmawan






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