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18 Nov 2019

Director of National Library Invites Young Generation of Soppeng to Explore the Thoughts of Bung Karno

Soppeng, South Sulawesi - The young generation of Soppeng Regency, South Sulawesi, was invited by DIrector of the National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas), Muhammad Syarif Bando, to explore, study the thoughts and ideas of Bung Karno in building nation's character, Monday (11/18) at Triplle 8 Riverside Resort Hotel, Soppeng Regency. Present on the occasion were Soppeng Regent, Andi Kaswadi Razak and Head of the Library and Archives Service Office of Soppeng Regency, Ridwan, Head of Proclamator Library UPT (Technical Executing Unit) of Bung Karno, Janti Suksmarini and the person in charge of the Internalization of Bung Karno's Nationalism Thoughts, Agus Sutoyo.

In her report, Janti Suksmarini said that the aim of organizing Bung Karno's nationalism thoughts was to foster the spirit of nationalism for young generation, millennial generation in the current information age, to explore ideas, thoughts, and the patriotism spirit of Bung Karno which are full of idealism as a source of inspiration to strengthen Indonesian nationalism. In addition, she continued, to socialize library as a means to educate and preserve Indonesian nationalism. "The expected benefits in this activity is to be able to socialize Indonesian nationalism and Bung Karno's idealism as well as turning points to rebuild the sense of Indonesian nationalism through library and national character education," she said.

Meanwhile, Director of the National Library in his remarks conveyed that the Soppeng Regent, Andi Kaswadi Razak, was a leader who truly had practiced the nation's character revolution which had always been championed by Indonesian proclamators, Soekarno and Moh. Hatta and the founders of other nations. This leader is a rare leader, he praised. As for achievements of the Regent, Andi Kaswadi Razak, had made the regency healthy, the hospitals were well accredited, and economic growth rose to 8% from the previous 5.2%. "It is an achievement that must be appreciated by public, because leader who is instill national character values able to make a real contribution to the progress of Soppeng regency," he said.

Muhammad Syarif Bando further said that library continues to improve itself to provide the best service so that young generation also enjoy and make the best use of it, but if millennial generation do not want to be member of library, do not want to come to library directly, we (National Library) has prepared an application so that it can be accessed on each mobile phone through Android, please open Playstore and download iPusnas, there are thousands of information and collection that can be accessed and borrowed for 3 days. Let us create as many opportunities as possible in this technological era, we have just stepped in to the industrial revolution 4.0 but now it has shifted again to the technological era 5.0, are we still not moving from this lag, so for the young generation of Soppeng let’s read, read and read, never stop reading and learning," he said. Muhammad Syarif Bando invites Soppeng young generation to titrate, according to him there are 4 (four) levels of literacy, namely, first, the ability to gather sources of reading material. Second, the ability to understand what is implied from what is written. Third, the ability to express new ideas, theories, creativity and innovations. Fourth, the ability to create quality goods or services. 

Soppeng Regent, Andi Kaswadi Razak, conveyed the need for us to know together that Proclamator Library of Bung Karno is the Presidential Library with task to improve the culture and civilization of Indonesia through the thoughts and actions of our predecessors, the national founding fathers of the Indonesian nation such as the proclamators, Soekarno and Hatta. The existence of the Proclamator Library of Bung Karno is very important because it has historical values that can provide the best lessons for national and state life. "I really appreciate as I thank God, that Director of the National Library gave an opportunity to Soppeng Regency as a place to socialize the internalization of Bung Karno's thoughts and nationalism, with hope that Soppeng community, especially my children, Soppeng young generation can get to know the history of the nation's civilization and also history of the nation founder, Bung Karno," he said.

Whereas Academic from STAI, AlGhazali Nur Alim, invited the millennial young generation who took part in the socialization of Bung Karno's thoughts to safeguard the nation's character as a nation that upholds the eastern culture by continuing to explore advances without being contaminated by the advances of time. The character of Indonesian nation has different specifications from other countries; we must maintain it, do not eliminated. Remember, Bung Karno once advised by inviting young generation of Indonesia to defend the ideology of Pancasila. Because Pancasila is an inseparable part of Indonesian nation and people life. "Other countries want to learn about these characteristics from Pancasila, only Pancasila in Indonesia that can unite people from a diversity that is multicomplex in customs and culture, but still united in the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

Participants who attended were majority millennial, students and college students, teachers, literacy and community activists, community leaders with total of 300 people.*

Reporter: Heri Purwanto

Photographer: Frieska Fauzi 

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