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02 Oct 2019

Director of National Library Inaugurates Julie Laiskodat as East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)'s Reading Mother

Mbay, East Nusa Tenggara - Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, inaugurated the Head of the PKK Mobilizing Team, Julie Sutrisno Laiskodat, as NTT Province Reading Mother for 2019-2023 period. The inauguration was carried out on the peak night of Nagekeo Literacy Festival 2019 in accordance with NTT Governor Decree Number 330/Kep/HK /2019 regarding the Appointment of Ms. Julie Sutrisno Laiskodat as the Reading Mother of NTT Province.

Reading Mother has five tasks related to literacy, which must be carried out until the end of her work term. First, campaign and socialize the literacy movement. Second, encourage Provincial and Regency/Municipal PKK Mobilizing Teams, State, Village, Kelurahan and Dasawisma PKK Mobilizing Teams to actively socializing literacy movements to families in NTT Province.

Third, support the library service innovation program, early education for pregnant women through activities at integrated health service post (posyandu). Fourth, support the literacy movement which is applied as one of the main PKK programs, namely education and skills. Fifth, work together with the Archives and Library Service Office of East Nusa Tenggara Province to support the literacy movement in NTT Province.

At the inauguration, Syarif Bando stated, the Reading Mother of NTT Province must be a role model in developing NTT's human resources. "I believe that you can be a role model and inspire in building the resources of NTT community to move forward together with smart, healthy and prosperous people," Syarif said in his inaugural speech at Berdikari Field, Mbay, Nagekeo, NTT, on Monday (9/30/2019).

After being inaugurated, Julie Sutrisno handed over assistance in the form of game equipment to Nagekeo Regency Library and Archives Service Office which was received by Head of the Service Office, Reinata Fernandes. "These are game for kids nowadays, so play and learn at the same time. Please accept," said the wife of NTT governor.

The inauguration was witnessed by NTT Deputy Governor, Josef Nae Soi, Nagekeo Regent, Johannes Don Bosco Do, Friend of the Indonesian Reading Ambassador, Alvin Adam, and the regents and deputy regents in NTT.

Reporter: Hanna Meinita and Agus Joko

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