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12 Nov 2019

Library and Literacy Contribute in Building Knowledgeable & Characterized Society

Banda Aceh, Aceh - Library has a contribution to national development in the next five years. Library development and literacy have contributed to efforts in building a knowledgeable and characterized society. In the National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024 which is being compiled by National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), literacy culture is included in the seven priorities of development agenda, namely Mental Revolution and Cultural Development.

Head of Cultural Sub Directorate of the Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN / Bappenas), Didik Darmanto, said in the inaugural speech, President Joko Widodo stated there are five national priorities, one of which is Quality Human Resources Development.

According to Didik, library can take role in improving the quality of human resources. There are three roles that can be done by library, namely the library takes role as a center of science and information. "In library there are sources of knowledge and information that are used to improve the quality of human resources," explained Didik when he was a speaker in the seminar " Mewujudkan Ekosistem Perpustakaan Digital 4.0 dan Society 5.0 dalam Meningkatkan Daya Saing Bangsa" at the 12th Indonesian Digital Library Conference which took place in Banda Aceh, Aceh, on Tuesday (11/12/2019). The seminar presented speakers Didik Darmanto and Rector of Pradita Institute, Richardius Eko Indrajit, with Head of Law and Planning Bureau of the National Library of Indonesia, Joko Santoso, as moderator.

In addition, library can take role of being the center of community empowerment and cultural promotion to preserve cultural values contained in the archipelago script.

Didik added that the development priorities of Mental Revolution and Cultural Development have four policy directions, one of which is to increase literacy, innovation and creativity. "So that library development needs to be emphasized and directed in addition to strengthen the literacy, also to foster the culture of innovation and creativity. Library needs to be directed to build a culture of literacy, creativity, and innovation," said Didik Darmanto.

Meanwhile, Rector Richardius Eko Indrajit stated that Society 5.0 focuses on humans as social beings with humanist approach. According to Indrajit, Japanese society is ready to enter society 5.0 because everything is already in digital condition. "Society 5.0 is a super smart society because human capabilities are strengthened with information and communication technology," explained the author of dozens of books.

According to him, in society 5.0 not all social problems can be solved by a technological approach. In response to this, it was concluded that Society 5.0 facilitates life, improves the quality of life, and makes people more productive at work. "It's easy to outsource human resources to machines (cloud computing). Library is the same, borrowing books do not have to be owned, stored in the cloud and can be shared because it is already stored in the cloud," he explained.

Although all digital, Indrajit rate in society 5.0, the librarian profession is still needed. This is because not all social problems can be solved by a technological approach. "Creating an atmosphere that makes people or visitors feel at home in the library. There are several professions that are in danger of being lost in the future. But there are professions that are difficult to replace because it still needs feelings, auras, emotions, and sensations to other people or visitors," he concluded.

Reporter: Hanna Meinita

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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