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11 Nov 2019

Director of National Library: Archives and Library Have Important Role in Civilization

Cilandak, Jakarta — The visit of National Library's Director Muhammad Syarif Bando to the Indonesian National Archives (ANRI) feels special. Specifically, the Director of the National Library said ANRI is his second home. Archives and library play an important role in the history of the struggle and civilization of the nation. So that the role of archivists and librarians is needed by the state.

"Archives and library have in common, namely institutions that both manage civilization," said Director of the National Library when conducting Collaboration Synergy between ANRI and National Library in the field of archives and literacy on Monday (11/11). In fact, the Director of the National Library acknowledges that managing archives is one of his focuses after being inaugurated.

Specifically, in the procurement of new personnel (CPNS) of National Library in 2019, the position as archivist is the most, namely 15 people. This proves that the role of archivist and librarian cannot be arbitrary. Must be professional because it is supported by a number of international regulations.

Although facilities and infrastructures, such as the Archives Depo are still being pursued, but for budgeting in 2020, National Library has prepared allocation for archival training.

"Like an aircraft with a supply of two engines. Therefore, archives and library have the same role in building civilization," concluded the Director of National Library.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Raden Radityo

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