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08 Oct 2019

Governor Deputy of Lampung: Lampung Prepares a Millennial Library

Bandar Lampung, Lampung-- Overcoming literacy is not an easy matter. Whereas the essence of literacy is very important. The inauguration of Literacy Mother is expected to bring new optimism, in addition to the diversity of literacy communities that are spreading in Lampung Province.

Governor Deputy of Lampung Province Chusnunia Halim conveyed this at Reading Fondness Civilizing National Movement Safari activity in Bandar Lampung, Tuesday, (10/8).

In Lampung, the Governor Deputy admitted, literacy communities had never run out of ideas to fight for reading culture and literacy in the communities. Some use motorcycles, ontels, to cendol carts as a medium for delivering information and knowledge.

"My experience while being Regent Deputy, each village was provided with a budget for literacy acceleration. However, there are still people who ask why the library is budgeted today. Cynic but that is the fact," said Chusnunia in front of hundreds of participants in the Reading Fondness Civilizing National Movement Safari.

Apparently, it is not easy to talk about the importance of libraries, especially in the era of massive disruption and information. Whereas the essence of fighting for literacy is fighting for civilization. The effect is very large and affects daily life. "If it is not fought for, then the quality of human resources produced is just like that. And the easiest way to boost HR is literacy," explained the Governor Deputy.

The Governor, she continued, had instructed to build a library that is in line with the current needs which were loaded with millennials. In fact, working space will be provided later. "That has become the governor's vision," said the Governor Deputy.

Reportase: Hartoyo Darmawan

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