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08 Oct 2019

Reading Fondness Civilizing Movement National Safari, Lampung Unified in Successing the Reading Culture

Bandar Lampung, Lampung-- Indonesia is often ranked second to the bottom regarding the ranking of reading interest or literacy based on old research (2006) which is used as an international propaganda tool by developed countries. Now, Indonesia's position is already in the top 16 of the world.

Famous poet Taufiq Ismail once wrote 'The Book Zero Tragedy' which illustrates the absence of mandatory books that students must read every year. Unlike in developed and developing countries that have the obligation to read mandatory books.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando clearly corrects the research results that say Indonesia's reading culture is low. The lack of reading culture is ever experienced by developed countries. However, tricks are needed so that the community, especially children, are addicted to reading. Even in the field of education, teachers/lecturers must open their eyes to see the development of world civilization. The paradigm must be changed. "Provide students with the ability to face the challenges of the world 20-30 years to come. The numbers in the diploma are not the main one," explained Syarif Bando during Reading Fondness Civilizing National Movement Safari in Bandar Lampung, Tuesday (10/8).

Parents, continued the Director of National Library, do not punish children for their low reading culture, but first fulfil the needs of the book. At present what is happening is not low interest in reading, but a lack of quality reading materials.

The emergence of reading ambassadors and literacy mothers scattered in various regions is expected by the Director of National Library to inspire the surrounding community. Able to provide energy and positive synergy, including with the library, because the library paradigm has begun to change with the times.

Chairman Deputy of Lampung Province DPRD Ririn Koeswantari explained that legislative support for library had been shown in the form of regulations. There are two regional regulations (Perda) related to library transformation, namely the implementation of regional libraries and literacy culture. "Currently harmonization is being carried out but it does not reduce the essence," explained Ririn.

The council will support Lampung government's intention to expand the regional literacy movement, including libraries based on social inclusion. "I think all elements must be involved, synergize, so that it could become a great force and well implemented,” she said. For information, West Lampung Regency government has already made a Literacy Regent Regulation.

Meanwhile, Lampung Province Literacy Mother Riana Sari Arinal claimed ready to motivate parents to maintain reading habits in the family environment. "There are three stages that can be done so that children like to read, which is to start, accustom, and civilize. Parents are the first library for children," said Riana.

While the book author, Fitri Restiana, suggests when the love in reading is already good. Make it into writing in the form of a reviewer, for example. The result of these writings can later be sent to publishers or media. If succeed and the reward is received, use it to buy books again. "Don't even think to write is difficult," Fitri asked.

Reportase: Hartoyo Darmawan

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